Saturday, September 16, 2023

Flying Under My Radar

Just when I think I am pretty aware of the political chaos swirling around us here in the States, I am once again humbled by news I should have paid attention to long before I was made aware of it now. I am referring this time to Alex Stokes, who was arrested on Jan.6, 2021 at a demonstration not in DC, but in front of the state capitol in Albany, New York. His arrest led to a trial where he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. His story was overwhelmed and lost in all the outrage over what transpired in DC on the same day he was arrested in Albany. 

I could re-cap the events of that day. Instead here is a video that mostly covers the events that went down in front of the NY state Capitol at the same time the traitors in DC were staging an assault on the US Capitol. 

The video clearly shows the MAGA aggressors, some armed with sticks and flag poles, initiated the stupidity. The Assault with a dangerous weapon charges came about because Alex defended himself with a knife when he was set on by a very aggressive Proud Boy.

Nobody died at this demonstration. While both the Right Wing demonstrators and a smaller crowd of Left Wing counter protesters clashed, it was members of the Left the police unjustly targeted the most once the melee had played itself out.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, 360 miles away, Trump's army of over 2000 thugs and traitors attempted a violent coup on the steps of the US Capitol. People died and property damages were in the millions of dollars. Most of those who faced charges in court later would most likely receive probation or minimal time in jail.

I know Life is not fair. But when it is blatantly this unfair, people need to know about it. If you have interest in helping Alex, check out this site, The Anti-Fascist Defence Fund. Donations clearly marked for Alex will be passed on to the appeal efforts to free him.

Considering the limp wristed sentences passed out for the Capitol Traitors, Alex's sentence is a tragic travesty of Justice. 

More about Alex Stokes HERE and HERE 

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yellowdoggranny - Yeah, What the fuck? Exactly what I thought.