Sunday, January 29, 2023

The New GOP Book Clubs

Seems the White Nationalists, better known as MAGA Republicans, have decided to expand their horizons. And while they expand theirs, they hope to shrink the horizons of the rest of us. They feel there is entirely too much uncontrolled information floating around out there. Humans are simple souls and can only handle the true words as laid down in the Bible and maybe a few more carefully chosen notions as decided by folks more in tune with what God wants.

Too much information creates problems. The more informed the people are, the more difficult to control their tendencies to wander from the one true path. So, the GOP, in cahoots with National Evangelicals and those wacky QANON folks have taken it upon themselves to stop the confusion and mayhem that unrestrained knowledge has brought down on the poor people of the the United States of America.

Bless their hearts.

I am told they are only doing this for our own good, for the nation's good; for white folk everywhere. After all, it is certainly what our White blue eyed Christian God would want. Too much information only befuddles folks and muddies the waters our nation is struggling to navigate. 

Most of the new GOP book clubs being formed are treading lightly at first. Others, like the one created last year near Nashville, Tennessee by Mt Juliet pastor and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Greg Locke decided to not pussy foot around. They went full metal jacket, full Monty, full fuckin bore and had a barbecue using for fuel, anything in print they felt was unnecessary baggage for the simple white folk hoping to lead a righteous life dedicated to the word of our white blue eyed god. 

Other White Winger book clubs across the midlands and the South have decided to ease into the process of cleansing our minds of useless information without the fanfare and waste of time book turnings always turn into.. Working inside the already corrupt and immoral systems of government that now saturate our land, they have created smaller book clubs who are working to change the rules first, thus clearing the way to cleanse our minds through acts of law. They are assuming that if they pass the law, it will be respected. It's not like the useless and sacrilegious legislation the God hating Left proposes. Laws passed by good Christians will have the Good God Stamp of Approval.

Governor of Florida, Rhonda Santis is leading the charge by banishing certain curricula from the state schools. Local school boards and town councils have taken it upon themselves to help him out by banning certain books from leaving library shelves throughout the state.

And because the godless heathens of our great land have nary the inkling nor the drive to do what is right, it falls upon the shoulders of good Christian folk to guide them to the Light. Their journey will be so much easier once we have rid the land of the blasphemous, devil worshiping evil that hides in schools and on library shelves everywhere.

Can some someone give me a hallelujah? 

And for Christ's sake please keep it 'tween the ditches ................


Damn. What music could possibly be connected to this post? "Losing My Religion", by R.E.M. first came to mind. Immediately though, I remembered that classic Bobby Bare tune, "Drop Kick Me Jesus Through to Goalposts of Life". ............. Yeah, that's the one. Enjoy!


The Blog Fodder said...

The Dems thought if they controlled the top all would be well, while the Rethugs/Evangelicals understood that control starts at the bottom. County governments, school boards, town and city councils all fell one by one in the red and purple states. Parents in these states won't even have to homeschool to ensure their kids don't an education. Teachers with any passion for their professions should be leaving in droves for states where education is valued. (Do they exist?) By all the criteria that are used to ban books, the Bible should be at the top of the list.

peppylady (Dora) said...

These people and if you could call them people. I live around plenty of these Trumpesters. Our town library made the national news over some books that was in our library. What Blog Fodder has a lot of truth to his comment.
Coffee is on and stay safe