Monday, June 27, 2022

I decided to cross post some of my flash fiction from "BoZone Too". Not sure why.

 The Prediction Weekly Writing Challenge

for Thursday June,16, 2022 - midnight GMT 

100 word maximum - Three words - Available, Third, Yoke

The Secret of God

Eons before any other species began to gain self awareness, our kind learned in their third epoch the most efficient method for conquering the Universe.

It wasn’t with grand, extravagant, expensive violence. No.  Cost too many lives. Instead, we learned unexpected and unseen infiltrations were consistently more successful at bringing another race or planet under our yoke.

Our asteroid will collide with Planet 13 in Quadrant 2334 soon. There will be no need to prepare to land. Available DNA strands safely ensconced deep inside this rock will ensure a successful conquest.

Patience and time is all that is needed now.


So, for this post, I had to include two musical choices :

"Galaxy Song" - Monty Python


"Space Oddity" - a one off cover by Astronaut Chris Hadfield in 2013


yellowdoggranny said...

In The Year..2525

One from Ukraine said...

Good news from our Ukrainian front too.
ruSSians yet again performed their "cunning plan of khuylo" withdrawal tactical move.
While saying that they did that "out of benevolence".
It should... no, must became a meme.
Q: What is "benevolence of russians" mean?
A: That is when they are beat to a pulp, as result of their criminal acts or homicidal plans neutering... they flea screaming "We not fleeing, we just demonstrate how noble we are in our benevolence and humanity".

Another word. It seems that there is only way for ruSSian to be a good person -- after it will be punched in its face, flatly.