Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Aftermath - Vote 2011

I timed myself from the time I got out of my truck to when I returned to my pick up to continue my morning commute. It took me exactly 2 minutes, 48 seconds to vote. That included the 75 feet of walking to and from the Town Hall. I love it when I have the whole thing figured out. I don't stand in the booth with my figurative thumb up my butt wondering what the Hell, or who the Hell to vote for. Of course the list of check marks I had to make was only four, so that kept my in booth time at a minimum. But this time I went in reciting my vote for the four, "Yes, No, No, Yes." I did not even close the curtain. That might have taken a second.

Well I was pleasantly surprised that Mainers even showed up to vote in this truly off year election. And that 35% of the registered voters did show up made me proud. After all, it could have been a typical ho hummer vote. Not many people to vote for, just referendums.

We also made national news. So I guess there's that also. Seems the state GOP was accused of slipping out there for public view an attack ad that insinuated that if we voted to retain voting day registration, it would somehow allow Gay Marriage to sneak in the back door. Rachel Maddow highlighted this egregious and sleazy effort to taint the vote on an issue totally unrelated, voting rights.

I found the ad funny actually. What the Hell were they thinking? What a stupid ad to take out a few days before an election. Anyone who was scared of gays was already scared and the ad was only preaching to the choir. And anyone who was not scared of gays and might actually consider them no different from anyone else, was either going to be offended, or like me laugh their ass off. But then in recent years I have really enjoyed watching the Right or the Left shoot itself in the foot. Based on that, I thought the ad was great fun.

Both Casino questions were shot down. This surprised me. I was positive Mainers were in a weakened state and ready to grasp at the stop gap economic stimulus that gambling brings. What with so many states already pushing gambling, any that we put in place would just be diluting the available dollars. Who is going to travel 400 miles to gamble in Maine when they can take a short ride and do it in their own back yard.

The redistricting schedule referendum narrowly passed. This puzzled me. It seemed to me to be the one question with the least controversy. So once more in my life I enjoyed voting with the majority. Makes me wonder a little where I went wrong.


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BBC said...

Lets see, I think the local fishwrap said that 46% of them voted here.

The state is going out of the liqueur sales business here, it's being turned over to commercial sales, Costco spent a lot of money to get it on the ballet and swing the votes.

Lots of folks voted for it to go to commercial sales because they think it will bring the prices down. I don't think so, this state keeps a high sin tax on booze sales.

Well, whatever, I don't buy that much hard booze.