Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day - Bah Humbug

It's Valentine's Day. What I thought I knew about it was nowhere close to accurate according to the fine folks over to Wiki. Here I thought Hallmark or one their many minions had come up with this celebration based on a dead Catholic saint. No. It's those whacky Brits again.

Seems during the 1800's while all good British men were toiling away re-making the World into a proper Colony, the ladies sat on the White Cliffs of Dover and pined their British Hearts away. Since labor that was actually productive was not hip among the upper circles, the ladies came up with this card thing. They would toil for hours on handmade cards and send them to their husbands, lovers, and each other. One enterprising young woman was so good and prolific, she turned it into a business. I am sure some man took over from there.

Grassroots to crass commercialization in less than 50 years. Now days, it takes about 2 minutes to do this. And today, some man is less likely to take over than ever before. Which points up a fine example of what's good with today's reality and what is bad about today's reality. True equality does not exist just yet, but we are closer than we have ever been.

But what about this guy Valentine. It appears there is more than one Valentine that has been Sainted by the Guys in fancy robes and ridiculous hats. Back in the days when Rome fed Christians to the lions daily, there were potential Saints I guess on every street corner. Seems a heavy charge of the Saint population was created by these early believers. Boy am I glad those days are over. I mean being killed just for what you believe.......................uh, wait a minute. Never mind. Maybe we haven't come as far I indicated earlier.

Regardless, Happy Valentines Day. If you can't squeeze the one you want, squeeze the one you're with. (sorry Stephen, just couldn't resist)



sunshine said...

That was interesting. I never knew the origin of Valentines Day before. Makes sense though. :)
I wish I had nothing to do except make Valentine Day cards! :P Lucky ladies.

Happy Valentines Day to you. Have a lovely day with the Missus. :)


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Great critique! Enjoyed this one! :-) and Happy VD.

susana said...

so that's how it all began...and this is what its become.

Anonymous said...

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