Thursday, February 11, 2010

Excuse me, But May I Feel Your Butt

"You little bugger, let me feel your butt."

Just as these words passed my lips, I busted out laughing at the thought of what someone might think or say should they have heard me. On the face of the words alone, eyebrows would most likely raise. Fernando of course just looked at me, rubbed his head on my leg and scooted away before I could complete the butt inspection. Damn cat just knows when it's business petting and when it's pleasure petting. Little bastard has been digging again.

So of course, I thought of Alfred Hitchcock and an anecdote.

Seems Al and a buddy were in some busy high rise building in some city somewhere. They stepped onto an elevator deep into what appeared a serious conversation. In front of the crowd in the elevator, Al was, in great detail, describing a grisly murder. Their floor came up, the two got off just as Al was saying, "And I placed my hands around her neck....." The elevator doors closed. Man, I would have loved to have been on that elevator.


sunshine said...

I agree.
You would have had some explaining to do had anyone overheard. LOL!

That's a great Hitchcock story too...


Randal Graves said...

Good think Rick Santorum didn't overhear.

David Barber said...

If walls had ears is all I'm saying... :-0

David Barber said...

If walls had ears is all I'm saying... :-0

Beach Bum said...

Proves the point that you should always leave a crowd with them guessing.