Friday, June 06, 2008


We just had our first good rain in oh, a month I guess. A decent Maine soaker. It lasted all day Wednesday. Not a hard rain, but one of those rainy days that it's possible to hang around outside for a few minutes without a raincoat and not come inside dripping. Rain that went into the ground, not over it. I could imagine my plants at home partying hardy, high fiving, and dancing plant jigs.

I walked to the 7-Eleven up the street from the shop to get a coffee. Instead of the usual rainy day scenario of people hurrying to get inside, I saw some folks strolling down Main St. like I was. And like me, they looked like they were enjoying this misty rain we sorely needed. I stopped and looked up. The mist filled my glasses and settled on my face. I could feel it collect and begin to form drops to run into my beard.

I smiled as my memory of the last rain and what I wrote about it popped into my brain. Not long ago I even titled a post "Rainy Day Whine". And this Wednesday as I strolled in the rain, I was smiling. No pleasing me I guess.

Maine is used to rain. No, Maine expects rain, dreads rain, deals with rain, and cusses rain. It is the go to scapegoat when a day is not going well. We have become hooked on bitching about rain. When you get over 40 inches of the stuff a year, it is easy to fall into this routine.

So what happens when it doesn't rain in Maine? Besides the expected lower water table, dusty trails in the woods, and burned yards roasting in the Sun, Mainers seem to develop an edge or itch creating an overall uneasiness throughout the state.

We have to find something new to bitch about. So of course, number one is bitching about no rain. The back yard farmers whine about actually having to water their gardens. The Better Homes and Gardens types whine about how only the scruffy weeds seem to grow while their lush over fertilized grass begins to curl up and die. And we mountain bikers piss and moan about the dust our wheels toss up as we enjoy our weekly rides in the woods.

But the complaining seems empty or half assed. No one is able to impart the same passion about no rain they are able to dredge up for those all too frequent rainy days. And this puzzles me. This nourishment from the heavens should be a welcome guest. We should all be glad we are so lucky we have more water in the ground than we could ever need. But we aren't. We take our water for granted and actually complain about it. Just read some of my posts on how much of a pain water has been in my life.

So this post is a token effort to set things right. A plea for forgiveness from Ma Nature for dissing her when she decides to rain on our parade. Keep on keepin on. Let the heavens open up and I will try to be grateful. One small favor to ask though. Please keep the moisture coming, but night time is the best time. Of course I know you have your own priorities and schedules to keep, but leaving us a few sunny days would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Like you I enjoyed the rain this morning, while walking Main St. in Cornish. Sat in the park with a friend as she devoured a cone of Gifford's double chocolate, in a fine misty rain. And watching the logging trucks rumble on by.

GJG said...

Here in Granola land, our governor has officially announced we are having a draught----the price for keeping the grass green and the pools full here on what Ma Nature meant to be a dessert, is going up as fast as the price of Gasoline---its gonna get ugly, when they impose water rationing later this summer.