Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just Another Trailer

Okay. So I spent the last hour filling in the spaces of a narrative I am at some point in the future actually going to post here in this blog. It has started out full of promise and to this point it is stumbling in the right direction. To not disappoint the millions of readers who visit here invisibly, I am filing this trailer in order to build some anticipation and suspense.

It will have words in it like....

Worth - Maybe about a town in Texas, maybe not.

Self Loathing - might be some deep inner admissions.

Airport - Read as the drama unfolds between flights

Resume - A life gets back on track and finds worthy pursuits

Debt to Pay - the suspense builds with the realization that nothing in Life is free

Stage - The World is indeed one of these, but Life is something different

Hunt - Tension builds as the hunted is stalked and finally brought down

Yes indeed. This post will rock any who dare stop by. Prepare to be wowed.

1 comment:

GJG said...

sound like a great story---I can see Will Smith playing the lead----remember I'm71, I don't even buy green bananas anymore---don't make me wait to long.---and OH yeah your right, blogging is for the fun of it----if one begins to take it to seriously, then its work which for this retired dude is a four letter word.