Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just Another Day on the Planet

I gave up paying much attention to the news.  I lose perspective and calm when I focus on the events unfolding outside my small corner of the World.  I am sure the planet is inhabited by mad men and crazy women.  Now i pick and choose what I allow to grab my attention.  If it's a stupid issue, person, event that the news jocks are trying to get my bowels in an uproar over, I figure it is not worth my time.


Justin Beiber tossing eggs at his neighbors house is a minor incident that would not even draw the cops most anyplace , anywhere. anytime.  Yet, cops showed up at his door decked out in assault gear and sporting a battering ram.  All the while, the assaulted neighbor cried, and I paraphrase,  "He assaulted me, my family, my house!"  I guess eggs are considered deadly weapons in the gated community culture.

Gov Christie suddenly backed up against the wall, caught being stupid because he did not keep a tight enough rein on his staff.  One of his crew manipulated a major traffic jam on the Jersey side of the GW bridge as pay back to a NJ mayor for not throwing his support behind Christie's re-election bid.  Now the attack dogs from the media industry smell blood.  Now the attack dogs from the Democrats smell blood.

Tom Brady's wife, Gisele is caught on camera on some beach in Central America riding an ATV on the beach with one hand on the handle bars and an arm around her un-helmeted infant child.  Cries of indignation swept through the nation.  I can still hear the faint tsk tsk tsk as it heads out to sea.  How could she endanger her child like that?

 ..............Hmm ...........

Wonder why I stopped watching the news?

I do not have enough time left on the planet to waste it on such bull shit.   Yet here I am wasting it anyway.  Go figure

Keep it 'tween the ditches...................................................


Nan said...

Glad you're back.

Who's Tom Brady?

MRMacrum said...

Nan - Who's Tom Brady?

I guess you are not a Pats or maybe a Pro football fan. Tom is the quarterback of the New England Patriots. His wife, Gisele, is a supermodel who makes upwards of $20 million a year.

And yeah it feels good to be back. Hopefully I can make this blog part of my life again.