Friday, October 05, 2012

Lying Truth - 100 Words

Facts injected with conjecture and forgone conclusions cast Truth aside in pursuit of knee jerked solutions.  Lost in a sea of deception, specious goals are massaged by lying hands, replacing Honesty with Truth’s ugly step sister, the Half Truth.

The Midway Squawkers and Snake Oil Salesmen insist and demand the Half Truth into our lives hoping their deception lasts long enough for them to cash in for their nickels and dimes. 

Assaulted long enough, we allow recent lies to become our New Truth. Delusion casts itself in stone and merry populations dance around it happy as if they had brains.

I first wrote this for a Flash fiction challenge quite awhile ago.  I thought given the current politcal moods clashing and thrashing, re-posting it here and now might just impart how I feel regarding the current crop of leaders and their lackeys. 


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BBC said...

I skim over all the political bullshit but don't obsess over it, nothing I can do that will change or improve any of it.