Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just Another Tuesday in Paradise

Well, seems my sleepy little corner of the World has been rockin and rollin of late.

First up the folks over to the Coast about 25 miles from me are all in a tither over respected names being dragged through the public mud after those names popped up on a client list of a local Zumba instructor who was exercising their naughty bits between Zumba sessions.  The local constables have released names without the corresponding addresses or ages.

I thought the massive rumble that shook our house last night might have been 150 indignant wives over to Kennebunk roaring their disapproval.  Or maybe it was a roar of  approval as they castrated the first of many husbands who had strayed from the nest.  But no, it was just another 4.5 earthquake.  Hell its only been 20 years or so since the last one.  I will admit this one caused me to take notice.  The epicenter was only about 12 flying crow miles from our house and for a moment I was sure every fragile Knick Knack on our shelves were going to start jumping off.

And then I watched the debate.  What was I thinking?  More empty rhetoric being spewed from a couple of empty suits.  As I had made up my mind four years ago who I was voting for, I do not know why I punished myself.  Maybe I just like witnessing the insanity that makes up our political process.  At least Obama-man came ready to rumble.

Everything being equal and even though having some excitement visit our wonderful part of the country, I could have skipped all the hoopla, righteous indignation and most certainly I could have done without looking at Mitt's condescending smirks.   But I have to say, the debate dovetailed quite nicely with hookers, politicians, and an earthquake.  Sometimes I am sure there is a God.  Last night when I felt the quake I am sure it was him laughing.


Mr. Charleston said...


BBC said...

Why in the hell would you watch a debate when you can go work in the basement?

Yeah, a 4.5 is nothing.

BBC said...

Oh, never met a hooker I didn't like.

The Blog Fodder said...

Why all the fuss? Legalize it, tax it and be done with it.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

As I had made up my mind four years ago who I was voting for, I do not know why I punished myself.

Rats. I see there is still no chance of turning you to the Dark Side, young-- er, somewhat older Skywalker.

I heard about the earth-shattering news from York County (both items). Glad you're not involved.... Um, you're not involved, right? And I loved the photo of the lawn furniture.

Take care, Crum.