Monday, May 02, 2011

What I missed

Far out.  The planet spins whether I am paying attention or not.  Events ripe for commentary unfold without my knowledge and when I finally touch back down to Earth, I am overwhelmed by sensory overload.  Lost in my own little world this past month and a half, I have missed out on being there to see important events unfold, finding out about them only after the dust has settled.

I had heard about the Tornadoes of last week, but only now, as I peruse the still images of the damage and the casualty count am I able to comprehend how devastating the events were.  My reaction is probably the same, but damn if I don't feel like the guy who shows up after the beer run to find out Cal Ripken Jr. just hit a grand slam and I missed it because I was not there.

I just watched a video of Obama's speech at the recent White House Press shin dig.  Made me laugh out loud.  Barack got some pay back for the recent stupidity from the Right side over his birth certificate.  I loved it.  But it makes me wonder why he let it fester so long?  And then I remembered how I would have handled it had it been me.  It would still be unreleased.  I did really enjoy the hits on the Donald, who apparently is now complaining the President's remarks were "inappropriate".  That just makes it funnier.  You go Donald, you da man.

The one event I was almost on top of was waking up to the breaking news of  Bin Laden's death in Pakistan.  Turns out while we thought he was hunkered down in some uncomfortable cave in northern Pakistan, he was really living the high life in a mansion 35 miles from Islamabad, the capital.  Hmm.............. It took us 10 years to find him?  And the Pakistan government did not know he was kickin his heels up poolside in their back yard? ..................................... The fact we did not bring the Pakistan government in on the mission is interesting and disturbing at the same time.  There will be some fall out.............Well I guess it's a good thing he is dead.  But the victory has a bit of a hollow ring to it.

Because I have been so out of touch recently, I took at least 2 minutes this morning to find a site that wraps up the important news from around the World on a weekly basis.  Seems to be an objective site in that all they do is offer links to the stories themselves.  Of course their picks could be construed as manipulative and in the end they really want the reader to join some secret group hoping to overthrow some government somewhere just because..........well just because that's what secret groups do.

The story that caught my eye was that Superman renounces his US citizenship in the 900th issue from Action Comics.  What?  The man of steel is turning his back on the USA?  Why big guy, why?  Damn, I hope he is not emigrating to China. 

Now that Obama's long form birth certificate has been released, there are several Birthers (Fox & Friends, etc) who were very quick to point out the problems with this "real" certificate.  Apparently though, their new standard bearer, Donald Trump is satisfied.  Now he wants Obama to release his college records.  What's next?  Permission to view bedroom habits inside the White House?.........................Oh yeah, the Right has already been there, done that.  Never mind. 

It'd be nice if the Right, the Left, and the Press treated us like we have a brain and focused on events and issues that really matter.  But as long as we continue to focus on stupid stuff, they will always be there to feed it to us.

Stay sane, or as close as as you can get....................................



I thought Obama and Seth Myers were spot on..poking fun at the Donald is just so much fun..
and yeah,for our soldiers for doing the job..and doing it right..

BBC said...

Stay sane, or as close as as you can get.......

There hasn't been any sanity on this rock for thousands of years.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Stupidity never goes away: Orly Taitz and forty other birthers filed an appeal today in federal court saying the President is not a citizen and that his long form birth cirtificate has been doctored.

The crazies are running the asylum

the Ol'Buzzard

John Myste said...

Rachel Maddow pointed out that almost all of the Al Quaeda members that have been caught were found in the largest cities of Pakistan, not caves. Why were we looking in caves in the first place? It is like hunting deer is the ocean. They don’t hang out there.

Like you, I got really busy and missed most news for more than a week. I would hear hints of things happening and it was eating me alive. Like you, I heard about this almost instantly. Sunday I was able to peep my head out of work and join the real world again.

Did I ever mention that I cannot find a bicycle seat that does not hurt me in places I really hate to be hurt?

Randal Graves said...

Ever wonder why you never see Osama and Kal-El in the same place?

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

A left-wing blogger I read (based in R.I.) joked that when Osama bin Laden was reported dead, the first public statement from anyone was Trump demanding to see the death certificate.

Heh! Heh!