Thursday, January 20, 2011

Real Reality Sucks

Rabid Right Winged warriors, flush from recent victories, throw a party in one house and celebrate by wishing something dead before it arrives.   Limp wristed Lefties cower in the next house brandishing brave words that their will is what matters.  In the meantime, the leader of the Free World sets a lavish meal for the leader of the Unfree World.  Discussion of commerce and abused souls of the World fill in the dead time between courses of Lobster, Steak and of course, Apple Pie.   The Leader of the Free World comes away from this meeting feeling good that he has ensured Walmart's shelves will continue to be stocked in the foreseeable future.   All of which proves that Life is about money and Happiness is a commodity.  The abused souls Worldwide will now rejoice.

Slack jawed minions pick their noses and watch all this unfold.  Not able to comprehend anything beyond the paycheck they get or don't get, they tune in their favorite reality show and dream of team competition on warm  palm clad islands with nothing but a Barlow knife and a camera crew standing by to record their triumphant destruction of the team with the Bitch everyone hates.  Oh how they wish their lives were real like on TV.

With nothing to offer but sharp words, contentious hacks wearing ties and makeup line up to toss insults and unfounded accusations at each other.   Lost in the love of their own words, they waste our time attempting through fear to get us on board or be run over by the bus.  Hope is not relegated to the back of the bus.  Hope is kicked off the bus.

And the minions suck up the fear.  But then they tune in to the latest "American Idol" and for thirty minutes, their world is real again.  Their world makes sense as they cry for those they loved who lost and cheer for those still contending.  For in this Reality, sometimes the good guy does win.
Written in one breath so to speak with little editing, just some spelling and such.  Not sure where this was hiding, but it obviously needed to be regurgitated as I am feeling slightly better now.


PENolan said...

Dude, let's hope George Lucas is right about 2012

Beach Bum said...

Seriously, Tierra del Fuego is the place we should all haul ass to and ride out the zombie apocalypse, nuclear Armageddon, bird flu pandemic, the crisis brought on by the coming shortage of margarita mix, or whatever doomsday the History Channel is talking about this week.

Its isolated and with few people but I hear you can still order pizza!

Randal Graves said...

I can't believe that none of you, including our esteemed host, mentioned the omnipresent threat of genetically-engineered Hitler.

Tom Harper said...

Perfect description of our current "Idiocracy." But wait, that wasn't supposed to happen until 500 years from now.

Chef Cthulhu said...

Randal speaks the truth. It's a scientific fact:

They Saved Hitler's Brain

MRMacrum said...

PENolan - I have no opinion about 2012. Hell, I don't even have an opinion about tomorrow.

Beach Bum - I am already there. Acton and Maine in general seems to be somewhat isolated from the maddness that circulates in the crowded parts of the globe.

Randal - I do believe the Hitler situation has been covered by some eggs implanted down in Brazil back in the 1970s.

Tom Harper - I am going to have to see that movie.

Chef Cthulhu - Science is just a heathen's way of trying to defeat God.