Friday, January 07, 2011

My Bile Index & The Right Munch on Each Other

Last Fall I put a hold on commenting on other blogs.  Not sure why now, but there must have been at least a half assed reason when I did it.  Had something to do with not wanting to be exposed to too much of the world outside my influence.  Because when I commented, I would more often than not follow up with poking around for more info, new info, or even old info.  And any info tended to cause the bile index to reach toward the redline on my stress index.  But that's just what I think the reason was now.  Who the Hell knows why I really did it.  But that almost sounded like a plausible excuse, doncha think?

With the incoming year, I rescinded my self imposed ban on blog commenting and cheerily stepped out into the light once again.


So I have decided to re-engage with others in this wonderful place of bits and bytes.  And almost immediately, that pesky tendency to nose around for more information than is healthy has raised its ugly little noggin.  The other day, Tom Harper's post about some looney tune outfit called the American Family Association got me right fired up.  Turns out my belief system is all screwed up.  Here I was comfortable with the notion that evolution did exist (it doesn't) and that the Moon was gonna hang around awhile.  Apparently the Moon is leaving us.  Not thinking about leaving, but actually moving on.  Thankfully it is not sprinting, but at some point it will be gone.  On top of that I found out that there are some things that are true outside of the Bible while everything in the Bible is absolute fact.  I re-read most of Genesis later and yeah, I guess it's the real skinny alright.  Makes me angry I wasted all that time in college.

That was yesterday.  Today I made the mistake of following links again.  Kulkiri got me nosing around the earlier proposed "Transaction Tax', where all or most transactions would be taxed at the rate of 1%.  There is a world of difference between proposing something and then following through with passing it.  When it was proposed, it was but one of many ideas tossed out there to help fight the deficit.  It was and is a bad idea and no one in Congress followed up with any support.  It still fired up the mouth foamers of the Right.  Damn, those fools will use anything they can as ammo against their opposition, even when it has no chance of becoming law.  I could feel my bile index creeping higher.

And then I visited Tom Harper's blog again.  Seems the some on the Right are not content feeding on the left, I guess they are now looking at each other for a meal.  Apparently Grover Norquist, that champion of Conservative ideals is really a Muslim terrorist.  At least according to some other even more conservative fellow name of Frank Gaffney, ex assistant Secretary of Defense under King Ronnie.  Suddenly I could feel a drop in pressure on the bile index.  And I smiled. 

Damn this world is hilarious.


Demeur said...

Without further research the 1% tax sounds okay as long as they get rid of the other state taxes but I know that won't happen.
As for this year you can expect the cost of raw materials and such to rise. Not that there's any real reason it's just that the greed mongers want yet more gold to line their already overflowing pockets.
So I'd say keep your bile meter handy because you ain't seen nothing yet. It might get a real work out this year.

Randal Graves said...

I'm a fan of transaction taxes as long as the only thing taxed are stock transactions and purchases above, say, 50k. But then again, I'm in favor of soaking the rich.

Hopefully, the escalating bonafides contest on the right will end up in one of them eventually appearing at a presser dressed like Apollo Creed circa 1976.

robin andrea said...

I'm glad you're commenting again. I spent quite a bit of time hanging around Facebook, but their commercialization is so creepy, I've decided to stick with blogging and commenting. Still, I avoid most rabid right-wing discussions. It's a craziness that I like to pretend does not exist. The most I hear comes filtered through Jon Stewart in doses I can almost handle.

Kulkuri said...

Demeur&Randal: The problem with the Transaction Tax is it doesn't tax any stock trades only things like every debit card transaction and credit card transactions. Also every time money moves, when you get money direct deposited and when you take money out at the ATM and when you move money from your savings to checking or buy a T-Bill or CD.

But like I said it had absolutely no support. Altho the e-mail being circulated by the Reich-WingNuts said the bill was by a Rep. from Oregon and Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa. If they can't even get who proposed the bill right, why do they think anyone will believe them?? Then again they have a Zombie Army(DittoHeads,the Christian Right and others) that will spread the word without question.

The Blog Fodder said...

I've got a project I Must work on but have been prolonging the agony by chasing news articles, blogs and web magazines around for days now.
I like the idea of a 1% tax on all stock exchange transactions but a tax on all transactions sounds too much like the salt taxes of centuries gone by.

Tom Harper said...

A tax on all stock transactions??? That's class warfare :)

Thanks for the links. It's fun to see rightwingers turning on each other and kicking people out of their "Big Tent" because they weren't fanatical enough.

BBC said...

The world outside my influence.


That's your home and business, and how you collect information about the larger world in order to decide how you can make your little world work okay for you.

But make sure you vote, your vote counts.


BBC said...

What is a Transaction Tax?

Oh hell, never mind, I don't give a rats ass, I'm under the radar of all that stupid shit.

BBC said...

A tax on all stock transactions???

That's just a tax on everyone, you and I. You don't really think those assholes are going to pay for such without passing the cost on to us, the consumers.

Do you?