Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Park Bench

With Winter finally settling in here in southern Maine, Life seems to be back on the well worn track it has been on the last 30 years or so.  It was such an odd Fall, I was beginning to believe my state had moved several hundred miles to the south.  Wearing tee shirts and shorts well into mid November is just not normal.  Last week we had a little freezing rain and over the weekend, enough snow fell to give the ground that sprinkled with baking sugar look.  Temperatures seem to be settling into the comfortable twenty's and the ground is beginning to stiffen up.Yesterday's ride saw us busting through some ice covered puddles, but many we were able to ride across.

The erratic and unpredictable weather we have had these past few years caused me to consider all the hate, discontent, and controversy stirred up by climate alarmists and their critics.  In the scheme of things general and trying to look at it from a point of view detached and outside the planet, I am guessing whatever is happening is not even worthy of consideration in the over all combustion and expansion of the Universe. 

I think we humans have an over blown notion of just how much influence we have over the planet we live on.  And conversely, I don't think we appreciate how much the smallest deviation in the orbit of this rock we call home has on our existence.  The planet does not seem to care about what it supports or what it does not support.  It does what it does based on influences outside our ability to control.  We are nothing but parasites living in the fur of an animal so large, it does not even know we exist. 

We could turn the planet inhabitable for our kind and the planet would not care.  It has different plans.  It marches to a different tune. It just keeps spinning whether there is life here or not.  Been spinning for what? .................. Let's see what Wiki says, hmm.

Apparently we have been able to pin down the planet's age to 4.54 billion years, plus or minus 4.54x109 years.............................Well that's an odd equation.  Why don't they just call it plus or minus 494.86 years?  With the number 4,540,000,000 in mind, rounding the correction up to plus or minus 500 years works for me.

Having no control or even the urge to control what pops into my mind while sipping that first cup of coffee, I pondered the age of the planet some.  Yeah 4.54 billion years is a long time.  I have to say the Creationist's 5700 to 10,000 years is easier for me to get my head around.   But they lose me with the "it only took 7 days to create it all" claim. 

God would have to have every excavator in the Universe working 24/7 to create this mudball we call home in 7 days.  It couldn't have been a government run project.  And as God seems to be held up as our ultimate ruling authority, would that not make God a government if by nothing else, by default?  So if God is a government, then any project he gets rolling would take a gajillion years to complete.  Just consider the magnitude of say creating a planet held up against the local town council putting in a new park bench in the town square.   The council might debate the issue for a year, send out bids for a year, and then debate said bids for a year.  Finally a contracter would be chosen and that contracter would put the new bench into their schedule and that might take a year.  Imagine this same process as it would relate to creating the Universe.   The planet is a much bigger park bench.

So who do I believe?

I gotta tell ya.  I decided long ago there are things I should worry about and things I shouldn't.  How old this planet is was dropped from the "important' list many years ago.   It sits next to "how many JuJubees I could cram in my mouth" question in the category of quickly forgotten passing thoughts.

So I guess, I just don't care how old this planet is.  It's here, I'm here.  It deals with me as it will and I deal with it the best I can.  A match made in Heaven?

Keep it 'tween the ditches................................................
Image from Google images - "creation"


Kulkuri said...

You are right in that this mudball we are on doesn't care one way or another about us. But it makes sense to mess it up as little as possible for our own sakes. The climate change deniers and those that believe in the coming Rapture don't care what happens to the planet. The deniers don't think. Well they don't think climate change is happening because of man. Those awaiting the coming of the Rapture don't care because according to their beliefs the world will be destroyed during the Rapture.

What's the worst that happens if we do things to try and slow climate change and reduce pollution of all kinds,we'll have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink and that's a good thing.

David Barber said...

It certainly doesn't care much about us at the moment. It dumped at least 18 inches of snow on us the last three days!! It's been great though, sledging with the kids, snowball fights and building snowmen.

Live life to the full, Mike, cos this planet's going to be here for another god knows how many millions of years!

BBC said...

True, the planet doesn't care, and there's no reason for humans to care if they don't see themselves as part of an omnipresent spirit of the planet.

If they think they are part of the omnipresent spirit of the planet then they had better be concerned if we keep going on.

Anyway, got a plow on my lawn tractor now so let it snow.

Chef Cthulhu said...

There is plenty of "not thinking" going on on both sides of the argument. Politics and money behind the deniers clashes with the politics and money behind the doomsayers, and anything truly useful and sustainable that might come from trying to really figure out what's happening and what's needed is lost.