Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Night Ride

Post ride mainlining Gatorade hoping that last punishing uphill grunt doesn't come back to haunt me at dark thirty with legs bound up in painful knots.   Dash Jim and Young Jim team up on Young Jim's Single Speed comversion to to a 1x6 mutant shifting system on his 29er "Dillinger".  Serious discussions are enthusiastically engaged in regarding  gear displays, cable left hanging from derailleurs, while both Jims including myself keep a sharp eye on high-low adjustments. 

Flounder hour on the other repair stand makes me grin, makes me chuckle as I lace up some Atom Lab hubs to Pimplite rims and toss obnoxious conversation and insults their way.  Young Jim takes my obnoxious commentary in good humor.  I wonder though about Dash Jim.  Is he annoyed?  Hope so.  He is too damn serious.  We had a great ride in the dark tonight.

The night's frolic on bikes in the woods with bouncing lights runs through my mind.  I smile when that technical section I cleaned like it didn't exist comes to mind.  I grimace when that face plant replays reminding me of my freshly bunged up wrist.  Still I smile.  Still I remember fondly the moments when shadows came and went, ducking back into the dark pockets of the woods when my light tries to catch out in the open.   The Burnt Car loop flew by.  The gravestones before the Cemetery Trail tried to warn me I better watch out.  I didn't think about it until I was face down in the dirt a few turns later.

 Dash Jim and I give Jim's bike the thumb's up for test ride time.  Young Jim heads out into the dark of the parking lot.  Dash Jim leans hard on the counter and we talk about what an animal Young Jim has become.  Young, strong and he is beginning to learn how to float.  He flies by us like we're standing still.  I smile remembering when I was like that.  Numb, dumb, and full of Cum.

Which soon brings to mind what I am like now.  Still Numb, Dumb but slightly less than full of Cum .


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David Barber said...

Sounds a great night out!

I've given you an award, mate. Check my blog.