Tuesday, September 07, 2010

FFF #41 - Proof - 100 words

Friday Flash Fiction time again.  This week I was going to write a longer piece than my usual 250 words or so.  And I did.  But 1300 words into it, I hit a wall.  I walked away from it for several days hoping I would have a Eureka moment while going through the motions of my normal day.  Nope.  No Eureka moment.

So instead, I am going with the story I already had on the bench.  100 words and a tad political.  The starter sentence was provided by  The Professor  -  "He walked in and slid the photograph across my desk."


He walked in and slid the photograph across my desk. I glanced at it and slid it back.

"Yeah so?"

"Yeah so? You wanted proof. Here it is." Ralph shoved the Kodak moment back in my direction.

“Ralph, this is not what we are after. I can’t print this.”

Ralph stared at me. “But this will ruin him. Isn’t that what your crew wants?”

How could one of the sheep understand?

“Ralph, the fact that he howls at the moon once a month won’t ruin him. Proving he is a Muslim and was really born in Kenya will. Get it?”

Now I am off to tame the wild jungle.  See ya..................................


Cormac Brown said...

And who hasn't howled at the moon? Good job, and thanks for keeping it short and sweet.

Joyce said...

Howling at the moon can be very cleansing. It also... Wait. Sorry. Cool story!

Flannery Alden said...

Ha! Great little tale...

Randal Graves said...

Gotta do something with the spoils from the drug war.

Doc said...

Mike, once again, you prove you have a real flair for this sort of thing. The longer stories will fall into place sometime. Maybe this wasn't the right starter sentence for a longer tale. This on just pops, and you should be proud.


Sue H said...

Short - but so sweet!

Loved it! ;-)