Monday, April 06, 2009

Man Up

Be a Man. Show some stones. Stand up like a Man.

I often wonder why these terms are used instead of finding more gender nuetral phrases. Is it that women are somehow lacking in the backbone department? Anyone who has dealt with more than one or two women in their life certainly know that having sand, showing grit and owning what they do, men are at best only women's equal in this department. Weasels and losers seem to be equally distributed across the gender lines. The weaker sex is by no means weaker. Physical strength maybe to some degree. But as far as having the ability to stand up and be counted, I generally find women waffle less than men.

I also think that without women, we men would not come close to our potential. Left to our own devices, most of us would park our sorry butts on some couch. Chips to the right, a beer to the left and a huge widescreen with some kind of sports violence playing to our imagined manhood in the center.

What a frickin joke this masculine mystique is. As is the equally stupid feminine mystique. Both genders have their predispositions but they are hardly mysterious. Well, I still have trouble sometimes understanding why leaving the seat up is such a big deal, but then that's just me I guess. Making sure it is down is something I do out of respect, not because it makes sense. From a strictly gender point of view, leaving it up is way more efficient and less wasteful of time.

Male and female brains utilize different chemicals in different amounts I have heard. Different sections of the brain are used by each of us. Okay, so men network more with that extended brain down in their britches than women do. Hey, it's part of that biological imperiative. If every connection had to have a candle lit dinner beforehand, I wonder how many people there really would be on the planet today. Underpopulation might be the issue, not over crowding.

Strength of character is by no means genetically implanted. Unfortunately, even though Americans are slowly giving women their due, in much of the World the marginalization of women continues unabated. Under the guise of religion, cultural traditions, blah blah blah, women continue to be second class citizens in much of the World. Some cultures regard them as barely human.

I think this oppression of women in various parts of the globe is done out of fear. Men are afraid of women. And rather than standing up and being men, many males in this World would rather deal with their fear of the other sex by creating rules that keep them in a safe non-threatening place. Set things up so they can't stand toe to toe with men. I think secretly many men know they would lose.

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1138 said...
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1138 said...

Ok let me try that again.
John Lennon said it years ago, you just done a Boss job saying it here again.

Here's the song

Brian said...

MRMACRUM - Snows melted...Are you ready to head to the low lands of Springvale for a ride? - Brian

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Dave Barry said it best: The world would be much better off if men stopped trying to be men, and were content instead just to be guys.

Kulkuri said...

Women can also be more vicious than men. As for the toilet seat thing, as the only male in the house, I found it was less hassle for me to put the seat down, especially when the kids were little.
Sometimes it seems like the more 'Macho Men' are doing their bullshit to cover up for other inadequacies, IMHO.

Randal Graves said...

Everyone is mixed nuts, just that, from where I stand, one half of the bowl is prettier than the other half.

Well, off to drag my knuckles until the basketball game comes on.

BBC said...

Is it that women are somehow lacking in the backbone department?

Depends on the woman I guess. A few years back a little blond gal verbally reamed a big macho fucker out for how how he parked his macho truck at the local corner market store.

But he was wise enough to not give her any shit.

Everyone is mixed nuts,

Life is like a can of mixed nuts, the big ones work their way to the top.

big jonny said...

I'll say this: There is nothing about women that I don't respect. A woman can do anything she wants to in this life, as far as I'm concerned. Sayings like that, be a man, etc, are just plain stupid.