Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rainy Day Whine

So what do I do today? My days off look to be wash outs. 40'-45'F - either raining, ready to rain, or just finished a good run of rain and the clouds are taking a breather. Classic April showers in Maine. Only a month late.

The mud free Spring riding in the woods is gone now. I was feeling uncomfortable about that anyway. Just did not feel natural to be in the woods in April with no knee high puddles or greasy leaves to wipe out on. I do not look forward to dinging myself or my bike up. But I have come to expect it during the early Spring riding season. And when it did not happen, I felt cheated somehow. Seems odd, but there it is.

So now I have had my rain. Over the last week or so, 4 inches maybe. My woods are back to normal. Slick rocks, nice deep sippy holes, and enough mud to bring back a pleasantly nasty mud covered bike.

You'd think I would be happy and stop whining about the weather. But damned if I don't miss those dry trails now. Seems the old saying is true. You never truly appreciate something until it is gone.

A small PS - I have no digitally recorded images of my bike in various states of nastiness. I am still a rookie at this digital camera thing. I never have it around for those special Kodak moments. I still felt obligated to post a picture with the post. I thought this one from 1900 in Maine might just add a little perspective or counter balance................ Stop the BS Mike! I just liked it and wanted an excuse to post it.

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toklas23 said...

there is a fun little bike trail behind my mom and dad's place in shapleigh that i love to bike in the spring, especially after a few days of good, soaking rain. there's a nice, steep part of the trail, and if you get going full speed down the hill, you're rewarded with a big ole deep mud puddle at the bottom.

every time i bike that trail i feel like a kid again, all covered in mud and lovin' every minute of it.