Saturday, May 24, 2008

24 hour Break

I was supposed to meet -Jim of Jim-Jim for a ride this morning at 8:00 AM at the bike shop. Yesterday I had met both Jims of Jim-Jim for a ride at 6:30 AM at the other Jim of Jim-Jim's house. Prior to that I had commuted by bike to the shop twice in a row. I can tell that I am over that pyschological block of getting back into shape I suffer with every Spring. The problem now is I am having trouble dragging my sorry ass body with me over this pyschological mole hill. So today, I called up -Jim of Jim-Jim and canceled. My body is insisting on 24 hour break to locate some energy for tomorrow's long ride with a bigger group.

Needs a break? What the Hell is up with that?

This aging thing is really starting to make an impression. Used to be I could blast out 10 hours of hard physical labor after a night of no sleep and intense libation. Or drive a load 1200 miles in 24 hours and still use a pallet jack to unload the 40 grand they just had to have yesterday. Now I feel lucky to wake up and have the energy to go to the dump with a bag of trash.

Maybe I used up all my "you can be stupid and not pay for it" credits. And maybe, my body has just decided my brain is full of shit and now refuses to get with the program. Regardless, I am sitting here instead of on my bike where my brain would like to see me. My body is happy as if it had a brain. Not just content that it has one-upped my brain, but actually giving itself high fives for finally over ruling what I assume it feels is an explotive and over demanding leader. The proletariat has risen and tossed the decadent and graft infested monarch out.

De-frocked and defamed, I slink into my office and type out my whining tale of woe. Does this post make me feel better? No. But it does prove that by the physical act of typing, my brain has not lost all of it's influence. There are still muscles and sinews in here who will answer the call.


A Midnight Rider said...

Now imagine you were a lot older, had lots more stiffness and a bad temper. Would you run for president? Scary. 8>)

I did an entry with you in mind. Trucks everywhere I look around here.

GJG said...

Hey welcome to the onset of your "Golden Years"----you DO have lots of gold right? I check my settings as you suggested, and am on "full", but thats not what I had reference to, check out "world outside my window" link on my page, and read here blog, see how she gives a short paragraph, and then ya get the ---more---link. How does one do that, is my question.

Anonymous said...

Your Confessions 'n Lamentations are an enjoyable read, Crummy. Somewhat akin to reading Augustine. *laughs*

Strongly recommend both hot tub and massage as immense benefit for both body and spirit ... and old bones.

Dawn on MDI said...

Getting old is a sonofab*tch, that's for sure.

Only it beats hell out of the alternative.

Quit yer whinin'. My 31-year-old partner walks like an old woman because she's got spodolesthesis or some unpronounceable thing that is screwing up her spine. She gets shots between her vertebrae every month to ease the pain, and eventually she will have to have them surgically fused or she'll become paralyzed. You can ride a bike how many miles in a day? You are blessed.

Dawn on MDI said...

Mr. M - I am sorry for the tone and the message of my previous comment. I was feeling angry and frustrated and helpless to do anything to ease my partner's situation and all that came out sideways in your direction. I am sorry.

Since the insult was in public, so should be the apology. I am sorry.

MRMacrum said...

Dawn on MDI - I had no problem with your comment. It was not wrong. I even admitted to it being a whine session in the post. Besides, I have fairly thick skin.

So no apology needed. But thanks anyway.