Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I have spent some time perusing different Memorial Day posts. In deference to all the heart felt words posted today, I thought I might just highlight several that struck me in different ways.

By far the best one in my opinion was Presterjohn's over to Rocky Beach. Given my conclusion that war is nothing to celebrate, his post of an Aussie song pretty much sums up how I feel about bullets flying and young men and women dying stupidly.

Noah had the right idea. He posted a very good picture of a flag at half mast that said all that needed saying. This day is for taking a moment to remember those who fell and those who lived through it. Nothing else. No politics. No chest thumping patriotic posturing. Just a simple picture.

Oatney opened with a "proud to be conservative" rant and the U-tube speech by George C Scott in the opening scene of "Patton". The classic stereotypical "Rah Rah America, we don't coddle our enemies and today is all about fighting the good fight." Remembering those who had fallen a token note at the bottom of the post. I was underwhelmed and left his blog without comment. I saved it for here.

Thinking About..... was more the typical note on Memorial day. A post about whatever and then some words from the heart about the men and women who are affected by war. Nice sentiments without any ax to grind, just remember the dead. They died for us.

And here is my Memorial Day photo and words about this. This is my nephew Bobbie. He did not come back from the Middle East. Rest in Peace Bobbie. I think of you often.


Noah said...

You do know that I've been offered a column on a popular political blog, right? I save most of my politics for elsewhere; People don't read my bicycling evangelism for the politics and religion.

It should be interesting writing about earth-friendly transportation from the conservative side, though... ye gods.

MRMacrum said...

noah - once you said we differ politically. On some issues sure we do. But what I like about you is you put thought before reaction. You will not be just a mouthpiece.