Thursday, February 07, 2008

Touching Base

When I think about what to share here in the blog, I more often than not cannot think of anything specific to drone on about. My posts will either start out as a stream of conciousness spiel or I find too many options and can't focus on one long enough to convey anything close to coherent.

Today - too many options, decided lack of coherent and clear concentration. I wonder if one follows the other as a rule? Or is just me? Well duh, of course one follows the other. What am I? An idiot? But if one follows the other, which came firs........See, this is just what I am talking about. Space shot. BTW, that was indeed a rhetorical question.

Anyway today I came up with more choices than I could do justice to. Or more likely injustice to. My kid recently had her second car stereo ripped off. This one is ripe for a rant about "those damn kids". But I won't go there. She's 800 miles away and 24, almost 25 years old. Apron strings here seem to be a waste of my parental bile. It'll get figured out. Besides, my wife is disgusted enough for the both of us.

Or I could relate how much enjoyment I am having as a lurker on a town spat via e-mails. How the 21st Century has finally come to Acton, Maine. The hens are pecking at each other, exposing dirty laundry and I get to read all about it right here in the comfort of my own home. No trip to the dump or Town Hall needed to get caught up on who's pissed at who or what particular town issue is creating the most recent fuss. More fun than some forums I have been known to lounge about in.

There is always my favorite and most recent go to subject. The weather and how much my dooryard has resembled this for the last 2 plus months. Tales of sno-blowers and the wonderful strings of obscenitiies I have strung together after the town plow just plowed me in for the fourth time today.

Nah. Winter woes fall on deaf ears. If you are in the South where the Sun still shines you think, "Dude, sure sucks to be you", as you reach over for that frosty cool mint julip with the sprig of fresh mint hangin off it. If you live up here and are enjoying our fine "seasonal" weather, you think, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dude suck it up, I have my own snow bank growing down to the end of the drive."

I really considered today's entry would be about my neurotic 3 legged black girfriend, Stubeetchka. About her growing phobia of riding shotgun when I go to the dump, the store or the shop. Fill you in on the treats I have to have handy when her quavering and quaking body redlines. And maybe ask if this is normal for a dog who at one point in her life lived to ride. Yet now she seems content, no make that intent on staying home at all costs. This one seemed ripe for sharing. Another pet piece, but without all the lovey dovey I love my critters nonsense.

Of course a bit about the current Presidential election would make sense. What with the recent Super Tuesday we just had. Something about ole Tim here maybe and how crazed he gets and looks when he is in the middle of handicapping another political contest. Like a rabid Sox fan, he lives for the game more than anything else. Gleefully he filled us all in on the "what ifs" that might happen if so and so does this or secures support from the pygmy women fundametatlist buddhist group. If not for his many years in TV and the short leash I am sure the network uses, he might be foaming at the mouth and peeing his pants he is so excited. Calm down Tim, it's just like the Olympics. Happens every couple of years whether we care or not.

I could respond to the negative reactions I recieved regarding the "Nuclear Etiquette" post from the other day. I could tell you I meant it as a joke and really feel there is no proper moment to fire off a nuke. Relay my view that using weapons and armies often only benefits the few who bring them to war and then only if they win. The rest of us end up suffering in one way or another. But I figure if the joke was not understood the first time, maybe looking for humor there should be more obvious.

Even with all this material just begging for my opinion, I can't do it today. So call this a how ya doin post. Just checkin in is all.

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Anonymous said...

Doin' good. ; ) Enjoying our sunny, warmish, snowfree, windfree day. This does mean, of course, that we will pay for this come March, but for now, it's good.