Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dissension In The Ranks

Seemed appropriate to place John's picture on the left side of this post. According to many within his own party, he really belongs there. Labeled a RINO by many, a maverick by some, he seems to be anything but a Conservative. He claims he is, but according to his many detractors his track record tells a different story.

The Defiant Infidel, a fellow Mainer and keeper of the local Neocon flame, is absolutely astounded his party has apparently chosen to go with this guy. From his "Fools Gold" post:

"So along comes Tuesday, January 29th, 2008. In Florida, a majority of dim witted, apparent crackheads step up to the voting booth and marginally give the Primary to a devout, verifiable liberal double-talker (McCain) that Conservatives had shunned and apologized for only hours earlier."

He does not start right in with the oh so predictable rant about Liberals and how they are ruining what God gave us. Instead, he lays into his own party for bailing on the ideals and ethics that have made this country so great these past 8 years or so. He is sure now that the race is one between 3 liberals - Barack, Hillary, and McCain.

For some balance from the Right not so close to the edge, I also visited Ala's blog, blonde sagacity. As a former Thompson supporter she has chosen to fall in line like a good little Republican. Party first and all that crap. She contends:

"I ask this seriously... Do people actually believe McCain, Hillary and Obama are interchangeable and indiscernible? I mean really, honestly think that --or have they gotten themselves so worked up that the hyperbole seems real now?"

Normally I would not care what the Republicans are doing. I gave up on the party the day Ronnie ruined it when he ran for president. But since I am not above holding a grudge, I will admit to having a large sense of satisfaction with this current dissension among the ranks. Their internal bickering is music to my ears. Listening to Rush rant on about it, I can just imagine foam forming at the corners of his mouth while he reaches for his bottle of OxyContin so he can calm down a tad.

It would appear that the Republican leadership and a majority of their faithful have figured out the US population does not want another 8 years like the last 8 years. So offering up a candidate who appears more moderate makes sense. IMO, it is their only shot.

Personally, I find very little difference between the 2 parties. Running the country sucks hind tit to their quest for power, holding onto power, or returning to power. The fact that Life moves on regardless is not so much because of them as it is in spite of them.


KayInMaine said...

Great post, MrMacrum. I too am enjoying watching the neocons eat each other's feet right now. Personally, I think when Huckabee won in Iowa right off the bat, the party went crazy thinking after 8 years they've been boiled down to a bunch of Fundies. Well, I think they have! So what happened in New Hampshire after Iowa? A complete turn around. It appears the party members wanted a 'kinder gentler warmonger' to represent them, you know, someone who could work with the Left, so as to make them appear to not be the control freaks they really are. The true neocon base is livid with this, but hey, McCrazy is also a representation of what they hold dear: a veteran, a warmonger, and an avid Bush supporter. They're getting what they deserve!

Ass Limbo of reich wing radio fame said recently it was McCrazy who has ruined conservatism. Huh? Poor Rush. He can't seem to come to terms with the fact that it's been he, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Addington, Rice, and other neocons who have ruined conservatism all by themselves!

Ha ha. I'm loving this big time.

Anonymous said...

McCrazy ... love it. Is that what he's been tagged? Read where Ann Coulter (Goebbels with tits)has gone bonkers. Therefore I urge all to support McCrazy. Thank you. Much appreciated.

A Midnight Rider said...

All I can say is God bless Hillary and our troops.

If the righties are unhappy here, they can move to France.

Piss of a conservative. Go to work Monday.

I'll bet McCain speaks Russian, he is so far to the right.

Shut up and pass the freedom fries.

Carlita said...

Have fun caucusing tomorrow!

KayInMaine said...

Yes, Presterjohn, that's what we're calling McCain online: McCrazy. It's fitting, don't you think? I mean, really, at any time this man can start banging rocks together while screaming at trees! See? He's crazy...not unlike the last president.

Have fun caucusing today everyone if you are! This will be my first time ever and I'm looking forward to it.