Monday, February 25, 2008

Number 407

Nothing was familiar. The man knew this. He tried to remember what it was about it that was not familiar. He could not. He just knew he was somewhere different.

He would have worried about this, but he had lost his ability to fret and sweat. So he stopped wondering and just existed. How long he existed did not, does not matter. At least it did not matter to him. Time had lost all meaning once he forgot that it existed. All he knew was he was here.

The present stretched on without a past or a future. The here and now was all there was. For all he knew it was all there ever would be. Mindless, the man's concerns for what had been or what might be had faded from his mind until there was nothing. No hint that he had ever been before. No more remorse. Any hopes, long gone. Not even the shadow of a doubt dwelled in the void that had been his mind.

Just as the last remnant of his humanity faded into nothingness, he was brought back. Returned rudely to that which he had forgotten existed. Slapped back to his past, to the reason and why he was here in the first place.

"Number 407. 407, you're up!"


Anonymous said...

The DMV, I assume? ; )

A Midnight Rider said...
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A Midnight Rider said...

I'm thinking the "registry" also, since I was there a month ago. 302 was my number.

"Number 7"
"Number 7" please go to window 2.