Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Who to Blame

I have tried to find accurate records for our local snowfall this winter, but have failed. Seems all the anal retentive types like my dad was regarding weather are taking a breath and laying low. All I have is my own imprecise total. A total compiled by looking outside, seeing where the top of new snow is relative to the piles of old snow. Add in serious discussions and considerations by my wife and we have agreed that so far, the Winter of 07-08 is back on track to the winters we both remember from 20 years ago.

Now I do not want to assume our tally is the final word. So I ran it by my crusty ole fart neighbor, Bob, while he was out with Tar, his crusty ole fart dog. Bob felt, and I have to agree, that my total was low. He figured another 10 inches at least. So, after meticulous and accurate estimating and after consulting with local experts, we have decided that Sam Page Road in Acton, Maine is well over 50" total snowfall for the winter. So far.

My snow blower would agree with this but probably contend our final amount was on the low side. If I cared to listen to it beyond it's whining when I attempt to run it through the hard pack from the town plow at the end of the drive, I might be more considerate of it's opinion. But as most us of do, I only listen to my machinery when it refuses to work for me.

Because I do not want to jinx my thus far excellent relationship with the Ariens sno blower, I will say that so far, it has stepped up and done what it is supposed to do without any complaint. With the exception of the occaisional shudder and binding at each end of the drive, it has moved the snow out of the way.

Which brings me to why I even started this post.

Just who do I blame for this untimely uptick in snowfall? Who is to blame for my having to buy more gas to feed my sno blower? I mean, the way we seem to be fired up about the weather of late, I figure this recent turn has to be someone's fault. Since no one wants to step up, I guess I'll just blame Al Gore. He has broad shoulders, he can handle it.


Noah said...

While on my work-bound commute this morning, pushing pedals through air that's a mere six degrees Fahrenheit, I was asking myself what happened to this whole Global Warming thing. I could really use some of that right about now.

MRMacrum said...

Yeah, we are about to get what you are dealing with now. Right now it is a balmy 25'F out there.

But never fear, you are about to share your weather with us. Thanks a lot. Maybe I should be blaming you folks further west.

The only thing that keeps me sure that something is afoot is the loss of ice pack and here in Maine, the climate just doesn't seem to be following the same rythmns. Longer warmer spells in the summer. A slight drop in precipitation overall. Small things that indicate some readjustments are in the works. Whether they are long term or short, caused by belching too much CO2 or just the planet burping, the climate here is different.

Do you breath through something to cut the cold air to your lungs? When it drops as cold as you have, I always had to cover my mouth to cut the cold blasts hitting my lungs.

Apertome said...

I think blaming Al Gore is fair enough. He takes credit for enough things he shouldn't that he deserves a little misplaced blame to keep everything in balance.

I think Noah said he wore a balaclava this morning; I know I did. Although it can be a little tricky breathing through it.

Anonymous said...

There's clear ample evidence for collective guilt by you lefty Maine liberals, who adamantly refuse to believe in the teachings of God's Holy Book, where it says, "And thou Acton shall receive upon thee lowly head a great snowfall and troublesome bother. And, nay, not even thy collective blowers will prevail against My Mighty Droppings."

So it sayeth in the Book.

ho hum said...


Good to hear from you on my blog! I've never seen that much snow! How's the shop business this time of year? Do you have a second speciality that you do (like fixing snow blowers) in the winter months?

ho hum

KayInMaine said...

This blog is hysterical! Love your writing, Mr. Macrum.

By the way, I found your blog by way of Chris Achorn's, My Two Sense, and glad I did.

Your post below entitled, "Home", had me in stitches. ;-)

A Midnight Rider said...

One thing we can all be sure of, it wasn't sent by an invisible little fairy who lives in the sky.

The weather patterns have been crazy for sure. More snow, less snow. More storms, less storms.

Personally I'm sticking with Al Gore. He hasn't been wrong yet.