Saturday, January 12, 2008

Looking for Excuses

Okay. My first blogging goal of 2008 has already been shot out of the water. I conveniently ignored my cast in stone slacker traits when I promised myself I would post at least once every day. I convinced myself that like so many of you out there in the blogoshere, I too could show some respect to the idea of rigor and discipline. Instead I proved quickly I am just the opposite. Born a loose dog, will die a loose dog. I take no pride in being a slacker. But someone has to be the benchmark others can easily rise above.

Oh well. Might as well get blowing those resolutions out of the way early. That way I can move along as usual rather than trying to acheive unrealistic acheivements from an underacheiving soul. Over reaching has never been a high priority I guess.

Oh, I fool myself on a regular basis and will have short spurts of energy and focus that might fool someone who did not know me and had just met me during the instant of my manic period. When it comes to fooling all the people some of the time, my "some of the time" is but a brief moment, a hiccup in the overall time frame that has made up the minutes of my life. Always quick to jettison the good intentions for the slacker reality that lurks just below the surface.

I come back here somewhat bedraggled with a hung dog look. I avoided posting for several days trying to come up with a viable "My dog ate my homework" excuse. The fact that I was under the weather was true, but did not have the legs to justify such a lengthy absence. So, all I will say is I was not in, not available, or just not feeling particulary creative or gregarious. I fell into a funk.

Now that that little embarrassment is out of the way and I have publicly self-flagellated, I can now offer up my new and improved blogging goals for 2008.

For 2008, I will attempt to better my best previous yearly total by at least 20%. That means I will have to post at least 164 times this year. Not quite a post every other day. Seems a reasonable compromise considering my proclivity or call it my tendency to bite off more than I can chew. Sounds good. We'll go with that goal.

Now to the one yearly goal (notice I have stopped calling them resolutions - goals gives me the out of saying upon failure, "Well, I gave it my best shot". Resolving indicates nose to the grind stone with no wiggle room) - My 2008 blogging goal is to post on 165 different days.

There, I have said it, promised it, and offered up my assurance that I might just do this thing. Maybe an uptick in overall posts might just punch up the quality a tad to mediocre or maybe readable anyway. Logic would indicate quality would improve if I write more. But then Logic is a word I know the meaning of but often have trouble translating it and applying it to anything I do. I generally prefer the circular route. I am never far from where I started that way.

There you have it. My first and probably not my last self-recriminating post of this new year. I will attempt to not make this a habit. But as they say, well, I say it anyway, Old habits die hard if they are bad ones.

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