Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh, the Irony

What do you say to your wife when she catches you visiting the local brothel? "Sorry Dear, won't let it happen again." Or maybe just try to conjure up the mischievous little boy grin that made her heart melt years ago? Transgression forgotten as soon as your lips curl in that special way.

This fellow in Poland had a different answer.

Who knew what reason, curiosity or need made him visit that house of ill repute. Unfortunately for him......well maybe fortunately for him, when he went in for some extracurricular fun, he came upon his wife working hard between the sheets. He thought her day job was just taking care of the zucchini at the local market. Apparently she enjoyed the cultivation and harvesting process also. Probably another case of saying "Yes Dear, go get a job" while cracking another beer and reaching for the Doritos as Poland's national football team took on some club team from the UK on the Telly.

Another sad domestic story plays itself out on the other side of the pond because a husband cannot abide his wife working. A marriage of 14 years is on the rocks just because another man wanted get his off. Damn zippers. Men are so insensitive.


Sheepish Annie said...

Just got your comment and thought I'd hop on the link train for a visit. Pretty entertaining post!

BTW: I teach a town or so over from you! Lovely area even with all the snow. ;)

Carlita said...

Yep. Nothing but zippers. I think I would like your wife.