Saturday, March 11, 2006

Catching my Breath

Well I deleted and cleared out a lot cyber junk from my computer the other day. Seems I also swept some good out with the bad. It took me numerous attempts to regain control of this blog. As often as I have had to retreive access to some sites I regularly visit, you would think I would have sense enough to write down passwords, usernames, etc. But nooooo! I prefer to be the repeat flounder and make it a struggle every time. I will admit though, the magic elves who set this system up and maintain it through mysterious and wonderful wand waffing made recouping this blog easier than reclaiming my rights to some other oft visited/used web pages.

Anyway it is Saturday. The sun is out and I am just wasting time as usual before I have to show my mug down at my bike shop. There is plenty to do there. I should be there now. Instead, I am playing part time hooky and using up some bandwidth.