Thursday, March 30, 2006

Apparently Not

Jill Carroll was released yesterday. A reporter, she was held captive for 3 months in Iraq after a bloody confrontation when her translator was killed. This is some good news. But in the overall cluster-fuck that is Iraq, her safe return is nothing but a positive blip on the radar.

I sit here in Acton, Maine, typing commentary on everything and anything. I preach. I rant. I vent about issues far from my town. I seem to know more about what is going on 3000 miles from here than next door. This should strike me odd, but I accept this fact as a normal circumstance. Why am I more connected to events outside my influence than those within reach? Laziness perhaps. It is certainly easier to rant and rave about something than face the ugly little problems in my day to day existence. It is easier to ignore what is obviously wrong than do something to move it in a positive direction.

I have convinced myself that I am way too busy putting one foot in front of the other to give up any of myself to making my little part of the World a better place. I own a business. I own a home. I raised a smart and ready for Life child. I pay taxes and I stay out of trouble. Is that not enough? Apparently not. Or I would not feel so damn guilty.