Saturday, September 03, 2005

Taken for Granted

I just posted something I had posted before in a different location somewhere here in the 'net. I was just nodding off, satisfied with my effort and listening to some Ani Difranco. And then I felt shame. Not a large charge of it, but enough to bring me out of my stupor and come up with some fresh out of the box writing.

The conceptual getting my mind around the idea of the Internet has been attempted, repeatedly thwarted and cast aside. I see a indeterminable alter dimension filled with electrons bouncing around an infinite other universe but with purpose and a plan. Some yahoo in East Gish, Slobavokia will toss some thought out there with confidence his words will reach someone in Lower Billabong, Down Under. And all those busy little electrical pixies carry his message with accuracy and dispatch. It'd be mind boggling if I did not take it all for granted.

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