Friday, December 24, 2004

Ho, Merry Christmas!

For some reason, writing anything specifically for the blog is more difficult than when I write in my hard drive journal. Maybe it is the idea that what goes into the blog becomes fodder for public consumption. Knowing someone else may read my words creates a kind of stutter or awkward silence like when two people meet for the first time.

My purpose this Christmas Eve morning was to pen a nice seasonal post that would be upbeat and offer glad tidings to all. And I have nothing to say. 10 minutes ago at the kitchen table while I sucked on that first coffee, I was full of clever seasonal words. Now, sitting in front of this screen, my mind has taken a holiday.

Christmas is a time of year when most of us shed the armor that protected us throughout the toils of the previous year. We drop our guards, our pessimism, and our anxieties for a brief period and actually become decent to one another. It is a shame these feel good vibes only show up once a year. In my mind, treating each other with kindness and dignity throughout the year would go a long way to taking the edge off of some of the evil and mean maddness that envelopes our lives. I know there are folks who are kind and caring all the time. And they remain so, even when Life deals them some harsh blows. I envy these folks. I have not the strength to always see the silver lining or be kind in the presence of idiots.

My Christmas Message
May Christmas lift everyone's spirits for at least a little while and allow all of us the time to consider one another without judgment or sanction. May we have the ones we love close so that we may bring the ones we don't a little closer. And most of all, may we not forget that Christmas is not all about Malls, ornaments, and mailing on time. Christmas is a time of re-birth. It reminds us that Life is ever re-newing and the mistakes, foibles, and ill-advised words are in the past. We can break our cycles if we want to. Merry Christmas everyone.

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