Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Golly Gee, my very first blog

After hearing about these blogs for awhile, I figured I'd create one. The price was right. And the setup, relatively painless. I have been an on again, off again writer since I can remember. When I was younger, I filled notebooks with nonsense and penned letters on a regular basis. I still have some of those "journals". Hopefully, there will something in them worth sharing here.

I have always been interested in the written word. My problem has been consistency. Consistency in the operation of writing and the consistency of content. I feel my talent is average with an occaisional glimmer of potential. I am opinionated. I have a strong ego, and I like to read what I have written. Some narcisstic tendencies maybe.

Up until recently, my only public writing has been on the several forums I post to on a regular basis. The problem with them, is I am always responding and not just thinking. A poster will say, "Bush is an Idiot". I'll come back, "OH yeah, so's your momma". I seldom took the time to create an idea, a scene, a history, or an original thought that is not in the form of a reply.

Anyway, the previous words were just a couple of quick thoughts to get this ball game under way.

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