Saturday, October 21, 2023

Will the Circle Ever be Broken

I have been trying to sort out my feelings regarding this recent clash between Israel and Gaza. It has not been easy. The only real rock solid opinion I have at this time, is there are no good guys. There are only bad guys who both insist on dragging their respective populations into the fray with them as they throw rockets and bombs at each other. The innocent bystanders are the ultimate losers in all this; their lives forever changed or forever ended.

Who the worst actor is, changes week to week, day to day and depends on what news feed one wants to pick their bad guy for them. There are no Winners, only Losers, with the Truth being the first victim.

Neither side has any right to the moral high ground. Yet, both lay claim to that moral high ground and neither is willing to move off of it. The unwillingness of either the Israelis or the Gazans to budge, have lead to decades of intense tension that is always simmering, ready to boil over at a moment's notice. 

So,..... I am not neutral, nor am I in favor of one team or the other. I am against war of any kind which makes me hate both the leaders of Israel and the leaders of Gaza. Neither leadership really cares what happens to the people they are responsible to and supposedly represent. 

War never makes sense in the long run and only lines the pockets of pockets already overfilled. 

Oppression breeds Terrorism which breeds Opression which breeds more Terrorism, ad nauseam.

Will the Circle ever be Broken? 

Keep it 'tween the ditches ................................................... 


I found this awesome video from the Halesbury School in England. It was written and performed by students at the school after a term studying war. This was their response. It is called, "War Sucks"


BBC said...

They have been at it forever, I'm all for someone wiping both sides out.

Emily Shorette said...

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MRMacrum said...

BBC - I hear you Billy. While I don't want both sides wiped out, I would like to see the leadership of both smarten up, the people rise up and toss them out on their ass.

Emily Shorette - It has been ages since another blogger promoted their blog on my blog. I was wondering if there were any bloggers left. I will stop by and thanks for stopping by here.

The Blog Fodder said...

Israel is a European colonial settlement driving out the original inhabitants with their own version of Manifest Destiny.