Friday, February 20, 2015

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, You Are An Idiot

Apparently the bloviating leadership of the Right is on another birther type quest to create new truth from facts not in evidence.  Obama was talking about terrorism and I paraphrase, he stated that religions don't cause terrorism, people cause terrorism.   While I do believe people use religion to excuse their terrorism, Obama is right.  Responsibility, no matter the excuse, is owned by the folks blowin shit up.

Rudolph Giuliani, the Republican weasel in residence,  caught this speech or was led nose first to it by one of his faithful boot licking minions.  He is sure now Obama Man does not love America, and what it stands for.  He follows it up with ... "He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”


Again with the presumptions of the Right;  we are all of the same mind and background and we all grew up in the same neighborhood as the Beaver and the rest of the Cleaver clan.  Love of this country does not mean blind allegiance to a single ideology.  Love is complicated.  Apparently the Right does not want to recognize that fact.

I would respond to the former mayor of New York that given the current Republican platform, it is the Right Wingers who hate America.  And once again, I am reminded to turn the sound down when one of them climbs up on their daily high horse.  For whatever is coming out of their mouths is either nonsense or another whopper of a lie.

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Tao Dao Man said...

You should up a Bozozone (Bozo Hall of Shame) on your blog.
Rudy has earned a spot.
Along with all the other war mongers, morons and cretins.

Anonymous said...

Seems Rudy is out to trump Trump.

As far as being properly reared, Rudy's father did time in Sing Sing. Ah, the sins of the fathers .... Kind of the same issues that plague LePage.

The Blog Fodder said...

"Given the current Republican platform, it is the Right Wingers who hate America"
You called it.

Ol'Buzzard said...

The thing that urks me about Rudy is he thinks he owns 9-11: that he is the only one that was affected - that no one else in the country was effected like him.

9-11 was terrible for all of us; not just Rudy Giuliani. It is really disgusting when he continually uses a National disaster as his personal claim to fame.

However, he does fit nicely in the Republican Party.
the Ol'Buzzard

MRMacrum said...

Tao Dao Man - Well I do have a "Bozos" label. He has been included in multiple times.

Prester John - I would say that Rudy carries more useless weight, but then the Right has been working hard to lend these idiots credibility well beyond what they deserve.

Blog Fodder - I am sure now they envision an America modeled after the societies in South America.

Ol'Buzzard - Yeah, he does seem to think he alone is the spokesman for all things 9-1-1. What a grandstanding moron.

Tao Dao Man said...

Tom Harper said...

I almost feel sorry for Giuliani. He had such stature and Gravitas when he was "America's Mayor" after 9/11. Now he's deteriorated into just another has-been laughingstock; the proverbial drunk uncle that everyone dreads at family gatherings.

As obnoxious and infuriating has he's been in the last few years, he can't possibly like what he's become.

Anonymous said...

During the time he was mayor of NYC, didn't Rudy remind you of the TV politician whose only concern was how he was perceived in the press.

It seems Rudy's whole career is centered around "look at me", and everything and everyone else be damned.

The Republican presidantial clown car is getting crowded.

BBC said...

So, things are going well?