Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just Another Sunday Buried in Snow

I guess we dodged a bullet.  The two storms did not come together and fornicate.  They went their separate  ways.  One got huffy and headed up to beat on east Canada leaving us with nothing but the huffy part.  The other one decided "What the Hell", might as well give it my best shot."

I cannot really tell because of the blowing snow, but it looks like we may have only received about 6" to 7" instead of the possible 20" plus had the lovemaking of the two lows actually happened.  I am grateful.  My snow blower is grateful.  And my dog is grateful.  She's a squatter, not a lifter.

Because there is nothing worth watching on the tube and its colder than a fart in a dead Eskimo outside, I had nothing better to do,....... Hmm ........well I am sure I have many things better to do, but I decided it would be better to do them another time.

Anyway, I surfed the internet highways and came upon a new trend among uber elite and super rich.  Apparently, rather than taking some of their wealth and applying it philanthropically to forestall the upcoming societal breakdown, that wealth is being used to purchase safe haven getaways and fancy bomb shelters.  Citing riots that have broken out throughout the world because of the growing inequality, land is being purchased in New Zealand, islands in all the oceans are being snatched up, and bomb shelters are being planted in remote areas of the country side.

I am not sure what to say here.  It seems to me that if society breaks down around the globe, owning a bomb shelter or an island getaway will not save them.  If society breaks down, the imaginary wealth they have stashed in imaginary accounts will be one of the first things to go poof.  Eventually they will need to re-supply and what do they do then?  If the ship sinks, I am pretty sure we will all go down with it.

Keep it 'tween the ditches .........................


Ol'Buzzard said...

Back in 1981 my wife and stopped at a farmstead north of Farmington where a man was making and selling baskets. He was preaching world destruction and the need to prepare for the break down of society...
Now he is fairly famous as a Maine basket maker and society is still fucked up - but still here. Probably more of a wish than a reality.
the Ol'Buzzard

Tom Harper said...

I wish western Washington could take some of your snow, and you could have some of our mild temperatures and nonstop rain. This area doesn't have any reservoirs. Most of our water supply comes when the mountain snow melts during spring and summer. And the snowpack is the lowest ever right now, according to "experts." It's the worst of both -- flooding now, and threats of water rationing this summer.

I agree that buying a private island or building a bomb shelter won't help. When the shit hits the fan, it'll hit all of us.

BBC said...

When the shit hits the fan you just want enough ammo on hand to go out in style.

I live where Tom Harper does, it has been a mild winter here.

Fucking rain....

MRMacrum said...

Ol'Buzzard - I think I know the basket maker you are referring to. Back in the early 80's, my wife was also a basket maker. I would attend craft fairs with her. There was a guy selling baskets I accidentally struck up a conversation with. I received an earful of the upcoming collapse.

Tom Harper - I would gladly give you the snow, but please don't give us the rain.

BBC - Screw the going out in style. Dead is dead, no matter how well you are dressed.

Fuckin snow!

BBC said...

Tom Harper shouldn't worry about the lack of water this summer just cuz we don't have much snow pack. It will rain enough to keep us in the water we need.

And those mountain are like sponges, they have plenty of water in them.