Friday, September 26, 2014

Mine Resistance

I recently was forced to upgrade the PC I use down to the bike shop.  New tower with all kinds of gigs, migs and cigs and almost the latest software from the jerks in Washington State.  Went with Windows 7 because well, that's what my wife told I was going with.  She's the boss.

I have yet to upgrade to the newer and supposedly better Windows 7 here at home, but I can see it coming. This old Acer is gimping along, but just barely.   Just about the time I feel comfortable with XP, now I have to dick around with new screens, icons, setups - dammitt.

Both Acer computers were at least 10 years old and had been upgraded, fixed, barely convinced to keep me connected to my business, my  relatives and of course you.  ........... It pisses me off that the computer makers and shakers build in such a short shelf life into their equipment.  Dammitt, spend a grand on a piece of equipment and by jeezuz it should last longer than 10 frickin years................

Anyway and before I get off on a tear and begin to rant about the planned obsolescence insidiously entwined into every aspect of our modern culture, I will just say that  I am immune to the "you gotta have it" pressures to upgrade.  The only pressure that works on me is when what I have quits.  Then I upgrade.

The militarization of the civilian police departments throughout this country bothers me tremendously.  Seems every chief of police wants what the military has.  Bigger bad ass intimidating weapons, storm trooper outfits and the obligatory polished black combat boots, trousers neatly tucked in the tops.  And jeezum, look at the damn vehicles that are showing up in back water burgs like Sanford, Maine.  Sanford is just down the road.  They roll the damn sidewalks up at dark.  Why the Hell do they need an assault vehicle with a gun turret on top?  Guess it's latest hip new thing in law enforcement.

They are called "Mine-resistant, ambush protected" vehicles or MRAP's  if you are inclined to use the hip police jargon.  These 13 ton behemouths are designed to be run by a crew of two with space in the belly of the beast for up to 8 bad ass gun totin cops ready and willin to jump into harm's way. .............

Hmm.  .......... Mine resistant?............... Ambush Protected??? ................  in Sanford, Maine????

You all have a super weekend.  Me, well, I'm gonna buy some bullets, Slim Jims, and a few cases of Gator Ade and hide in my basement.  Seems the local cops know something I don't.


The Blog Fodder said...

XP and Office 2003 would have done me the rest of my life...if I didn't have to communicate with those who upgraded. Windows 7 is not bad and Office 2013 is learnable.
As to all the police gear, NSA, Homeland security etc, it is to protect the 1% from the 99% and you know it. They are not going down easy when the great unwashed are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

MRMacrum said...

Blog Fodder - I have always thought so. Just needed some reassurance that things had not changed. One gets used to a certain cultural mentality and when it seems to change, well, one can become very nervous and uneasy. ...... I still advise keepin a few cases of Ggatorade, a case of Slim Jim's and some100 proof refreshment on hand in case the shit hits the fan. Bullets? Well bullets are optional and really only feed one's false sense of security.