Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Ant Farm

I visited Conservapedia the other day to check out what movies they felt presented conservative values in a strong and positive way.  Surprisingly, there was no Ronnie flick near the top.  The top two conservative movies were "Witness", in at number 1 and "Spiderman" close behind at number 2.  There was the predictable assortment of biblical movies in the mix, 'Ben Hur" "The Ten Commandments", etc.  Ronnie did not show up until well down the list.  Seems conservatives value his political skills much higher than his acting skills.  Me, well I give him a low to mediocre grade on both.

While I was there, I just had to re-check their take on evolution to see if it had changed.  No it had not.  Dinosaurs still plodded around the planet only a few thousand years ago and a couple of articles contended there were still some alive in hidden locations scattered around the planet.

I did spot something new.  Or at least something I had not noticed before.  It appears that we are indeed the only sentient race in God's Universe.  That there is no clear evidence of contact with another race of beings is all the fine folks at Conservapedia need to prove we are God's chosen and the only game in town.

Okay fine.  But I gotta say if we are the only spot of activity God has in his celestial planetarium, our presence has to be getting old and tired for him and his buds to be checking out on a day to day basis.  Hell, if I am bored of the whole human race and it's petty squabbling over stupid shit, then how can God stand it?  One can only look at an ant farm for so long before they have to move on to something else.

Of course this led me to the Mayans and their bold prediction for later this year.  Maybe their chosen date for the end of it all is when God tosses out this ant farm and buys an aquarium.



Kulkuri said...

At times I wondered if this existence of ours isn't some supernatural kid with his version of an ant farm?? And what would the parents reaction be when they saw what he had wrought???

The Blog Fodder said...

What hath God rot?
Actually the fact that they HAVEN'T tried to contact us is possible proof of intelligent life somewhere in the Universe.

BBC said...

The universe of gawd is make believe.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I have come to accept the fact that the world and everything and everyone in it is a figment of my imagination. I am getting old now and when I die everything ends. Instead of the big bang - it is the big suck. If I can't see you - you don't exist. It is all over.
Does that make me a god?
the Ol'Buzzard

Anonymous said...

The Innsmouth look for everyone!

Demeur said...

Mathematics tells us that it is statistically impossible for there not to be life on another planet, but try and tell that to the flat earth sun revolves around us crowd.

Mom wouldn't let me have an ant farm and now I know why.

BBC said...

Mathematics tells us that it is statistically impossible for there not to be life on another planet,

Maybe, but so far away that we'll never discover it.