Tuesday, March 08, 2011

And Another Update

Apparently my computing woes are not even close to being rectified.  Well, I am feeling somewhat rect-ti-fied in an anatomical way I guess after the money I have spent recently to clean up this mess.

My linking process has shit the bed.  I can only link to another blog through outside links like Google or from another blog.  This adds to the time I normally waste and so it has become more cumbersome than it is worth.  I am also on occasion being tossed off the Internet in the middle of commenting.  The bugs, they just seem to be hanging on. 

I'm heading to work now.  I'll see if the Bike shop computer is doing the same thing.

Anyway, I'm still struggling here.  So bear with me.



muddleglum said...

Siph: I keep rolling this rock up a hill and as soon as I get it there, it rolls down again.

Greek Chorus: That's not the same rock. That's a new/updated browser/OS/HTML/...

(after five minutes of confused chanting Pluto chimes in)
Pluto: "Rock on, and don't forget to pay up front for the privilege."

Randal Graves said...

Have you thought about spraying the insides of your computer with Raid?

Beach Bum said...

Yeah, I was running off the mouth at some blog last night feeling so freaking brilliant with the ideas running through my head and when I go to publish the comment Blogger eats it.

Sitting at the chair with my fingers still touching the keyboard with the Blogger error message on the screen it was then I realized not only did I not remember half of what I just wrote but that the other half was freaking stupid.

It was a disturbing feeling.

Tom Harper said...

Well this sucks. That definitely is rec-ti-fying with the time and money that gets wasted with viruses and malware.

I had a virus about 2 and a half years ago that would knock me off the Internet when I was right in the middle of something.

Good luck.

Mauigirl said...

How annoying when the computer isn't working right. I had some problems w/Blogger the other day when I would try to comment - got Error 503 or something like that. Maybe it wasn't all your computer at fault?

MRMacrum said...

muddleglum - Well when you get spoiled like I have been for several years and you expect that rock to roll up the hill by itself like it has dependably for so long, it really is irritating to have to get out and push. I suppose I will either get used to it or I will toss the damn rock off the edge.

Randal - We are in a "spray free zone". You know, one of those states that dictates everything that might even hint of polluting. But if you have some DDT, I might consider it anyway. Screw the birds, they are just annoying with their fluttering here, shitting there, and general all around cheery disposition.

Beach Bum - I am typing this from the shop 'puter and so far, knock on wood.... uh oh.............Just kidding.... ;)

Tom Harper - Yes, it's been about that long since my last run in. I see a complete scrub down and reaming in my future.

Mauigirl - maybe Blogger problems coincided with mine, but both computers have only been partially there after their recent stay at the local computer hospital.

squatlo said...

Not to compare my puny problems to those you seem to be having, but there's something called a "debugger" that keeps shutting me down in the middle (always in the middle) of some of the more complex things I'm trying to do... uploading a vid, linking to another site, adding a link to a previous blog post, almost finished "script debugging error", and that's all she wrote. It's all vanished, I have to start over, and by then I no longer give a shit about any of it.
For what it's worth, we'll still be here when you get back on your feet and start posting again. Hang in there!

robin andrea said...

I commiserate with you. My computer has been misbehaving in very strange ways. Last night I had to restart it in Safe Mode, and then I zapped the PRAM (that's Apple talk for I don't know what). So, now it works but I have no idea for how long. Computer are such touchy things.

Good luck with yours.

Kulkuri said...

Have you thought about spraying the insides of your computer with Raid?
Since you are in a "spray free zone" maybe you could use Lysol.

The biggest problem with confusers is that they are only logical to geeks.