Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ignoring My Inner Whiner

I had promised Lis we would ride today.  I even mentioned this notion to Dash Jim.  That was three days ago.  When I woke up this morning, I woke up regretting that promise.  I should know better than to expect my body to be up for a winter bike ride after such a long lay off and having just crammed it full of all the goodies I could get my hands on yesterday.  There was chocolate to eat.  Christmas cookies to take care of.  A huge over the top Christmas breakfast.  And then just about the time I figured I would need a back hoe to lift me onto the couch, I had to do my best with a Christmas dinner made up of more  food dishes than the table could hold. 

While I woke up hoping to bail on today's ride, Lis woke up and before I knew it she was decked out in all her winter riding gear.

Shit.  Guess we're gonna ride after all.  So I called Dash Jim.  Told him in as unenthusiastic a manner as possible, we would be riding out of the bike shop by 10:00 AM.  He was welcome to come.  "Okay, see you then", and he hung up.

Double shit.  Dash Jim was coming.  We were not going to skate with one of Mike's patented token gesture rides.  Dash Jim would take us on as long a ride as he could weasel me into.   But I was determined to not let it get out of hand.  The Pats kicked off at 1:00 PM.  And they needed me to be there in front of the tube if for no other reason than suck off my good fan vibes.

Lis and I got to the shop.  I dug out my old studded tires for her to use.  She started changing them and I got dressed.  Dash Jim showed up right at 10 and by 10:15 AM, we were headed for the ole railroad bed that headed out past Deering Pond.

The ride did not end up being extremely long.  It was cold, about 20'F or so.  The day was grey and the air shouted "snow storm coming".  The railroad bed was not bike friendly with it's two inches of snow all rutted up by recent ATV use.  It was a tough slog just to get to Deering Pond about a mile or so up the old tracks. 

But once my tires touched the virgin snow on the pond's surface, I knew I was right to suck it up and make the ride.  Instant grin factor.  Nothing quite like that first ice ride of the season.  Even knowing we were only on maybe 3 inches of ice did not dampen my spirits or cause me stress.   We rode around the pond and then slogged back to Springvale.  Dash Jim then made us ride on Stump Pond over near the Y.  Lis' feet were getting cold, so we bailed.

At some point on the ride I had lost the keys to the shop.  Lis and I had to wait for my wife to come with her spare shop key and her look to get inside to get warm.  Even with that delay, I only missed the first 2 minutes of the game.

All in all, a great day that reminded me to not cave to my inner whiner.  More often than not, he is just whining to hear himself whine.

Hope your Christmas was grand......................................................... 

Photo by Dash Jim


PipeTobacco said...


Are your studded tires ones with actual metal spikes or are they rubber? I have never used such tires, nor biked in the winter. If you are of a mind to do so, I would really appreciated an essay about winter riding and the ins and outs of it.


BBC said...

Easyriders has stopped printing and biker fiction cuz they wasn't getting any good stories, but are willing to look at any that comes in, so if you want to get your name out there...

I don't do winter riding on a bike I like transportation with heaters in it.

The Blog Fodder said...

Riding bikes in winter is just wrong, unless it is your only means of transportation, as it is here for many. And 20F is not cold, it just seems that way. I don't miss the -20F, I can tell you that.
I'm with Pipe, more about studded tires and winter biking. I will read them inside where it is warm.