Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Forest of a Million Trees

A forest of a million trees stand strong
In their shadows a billion saplings stand defiant
Slowly growing, slowly withering, waiting their turn
Their chance to see the sky and rule the Earth.

The forest dies when one of them forgets
Their mutual needs, their shared destinies.
Ignoring their entwined roots
Grasping that same piece of earth
Separately they become less
Together they become more

A small nugget I found while running back through my old posts and drafts listing. An obvious attempt to wax philosophical and political at the same time. As usual with my crude poetic efforts, it feels unfinished, but .......

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Randal Graves said...

I think that forest is coming down for another planned community.

If you feel it's unfinished, then it stands you must finish it. It's the law.

Middle Ditch said...

It feels very finished. I didn't know you had it in you. Being poetic I mean.

Demeur said...

Too bad the republicans developed root rot and are effecting the rest of us.

BBC said...

Plant trees and sing songs.

Grow where you are planted.

Do happy naked pagan dancing.

Get half drunk and screw.

Booze, helping monkeys have sex for thousands of years.

Make love, not war.

Make love, not babies.

Reduce populations, shoot a republican, christian, muslim, jew, etc.

Well, I guess not, that wouldn't make you any better than they are and they are doing a decent enough job of killing each other so just stay out of the way.

BBC said...

I was sure I left a comment the other day. Apparently not.

Some of you comments for some reason didn't get to me via my email, I just discovered them in the dashboard and approved them, most of them, but not the ones that I'm tired of putting up with.