Friday, October 30, 2009

Awards Show

Rewards such as they are are fleeting. Stop blogging for too long and any readers currently hooked will find their fix elsewhere. Unless we are a celebrity, a sports star, or really really good, our words are just more silent noise bouncing around the Internet ether sucking up major chunks of bandwidth.

To garner any true satisfaction I have to look inward for my atta boys and the excellent comments I receive from folks kind enough to actually read what I write. Sometimes another blogger will take that extra step and confer upon a fellow blogger some kind of award that lets the recipient know, they think they are doing a good job.

Doc, over to "Social Zymurgy:The Culture of Beer" has included me in his list of ten bloggers to receive the "E" blogging award. Apparently he has not read much of what I have written. Doc, coming from you, this is a real honor. FFF was what connected us, and I know I will be continuing to use your blog as an example for me to try and live up to. Thanks much.

Being the basic dumass and lazy to boot, the history or record of this award was hard to follow. Typical of the interactions here in Blogotopia, something is created and passed along. Eventually that something takes on a life of it's own leaving it's origins lost in the dust of a thousand blog posts. But then I realized that I can find anything on the Internet. Just use the right combination of prompts and Google will take me anywhere.

This award was created at ProjectMommy on January 18, 2008. I had heard of ProjectMommy at some point in the past. One of those mommy blogs on steroids. Anyway, the link takes you to the original site, but then when you punch up the "we moved to this site" icon, I find myself at Go - hmm. Anyway, I have fulfilled any credit due duties as far as I can tell.

There are strings attached to this award. Virtual strings that have no legal or otherwise corporeal connections that would force me to adhere to them. It is entirely a voluntary obligation. I am supposed to now pass this award along to 10 other worthy bloggers I feel are credits to the race. Hmm. The usual suspects I would target all seem to have this award already. And all the new bloggers I have recently found are just that, new to me. Having already been snubbed when trying to pass along an award, I am more cautious now before assuming any award will be accepted gratefully, gracefully or even begrudgingly.

Well screw it. If I get slapped down so be it:

First up - Susan's Ex Gratia - A chemistry teacher who writes well and with just enough kiss my butt attitude, I had to include her.

Next - Dawn over to Weldable Cookies - One of the best writers I have met who comes from my state. Her clear no nonsense approach to prose never leaves anything unsaid or base not covered. I can always rely on her to tell me what she really thinks.

Third - sunshine, the nice woman from Canada who never has a harsh word to say. Well, she did call Billy a perv but in the nicest way possible. Her blog, Love at Home stands out for me because of the honesty I see in her video blog and the fact she uses a Comic Sans font. Anyone who bucks convention like that deserves an "E" for excellence.

Speaking of Billy. BBC, who writes from the Northwest somewhere on a blog called Spirits Doings, is the most obnoxious blogger I consistently trade comments with. He has on occasion pissed me off. But then I think he manages to do that with everyone he meets. It may be a matter of pride with him to see how far he can push the next asshole before they blow a gasket. And since I seem to value honesty, Billy is one who honestly does not give a shit what anyone thinks except him. I am going to pass this E award onto him. If he wants it, great. If not, I don't care. And neither will he. We've become friends and that's all that really matters anyway.

That's it for now. I am going to pass along the other six awards when I can.

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BBC said...

Yes, tis true, I do manage to piss others off, it's not really my intent but I seem to be pretty damn good at it. Well hell, if I'm going to do something I may as well do the best I can, I'm just trying to get humanity to grow up. Whatever growing up is, I sure as hell hope it isn't boring if we ever do.

Anyway, thanks for the award but while I've been given quite a few of them I've never posted one. Well, one I guess, something about this blogger being awarded an ice cold beer.

Awards are for the ego, and while I recon I have a damn big ego I guess I have no need for awards, anymore than all the diplomas I picked up over the years and stuck in a box one day.

I decided that showing them off on a wall was rather stupid.

Hey pal, have a great day. Billy

BBC said...

I like too think that I've grown up in many ways since the days of my youth. I still let the kid in me have fun though, in what I think are responsible ways.

And I don't allow that kid to decide how to spend my money unless it's extra money that I can do without.

Many are in too much debt cuz they try to keep the kid in them happy in the wrong ways.

Randal Graves said...

I'm all for awards shows, new digs to check out and all that, but Doc drank all the beer and these cold cuts are no longer cold.

sunshine said...

Awwww... thanks so much! I appreciate your award so much! :)

Thanks for the kind words too. It's always nice to read positive things about oneself. :D
I love you too! ;P


susana said...

thanks, I'm flattered and I proudly accept this award on behalf of all those who have made it possible...namely, the academy, my husband, my kids, my producer my director, my mom, my my...almighty himself!
Seriously, thank made my day!

Doc said...

I'll tell you like Cormac told me; you've earned it.

Think about it this way: the writing you do is something that must people can't do, and those who might be able to, don't. So you have to admit that you have a unique gift that most don't even bother to explore. In my mind, that is to your credit and should be recognised, hence the "E".

I wouldn't however hold my writing up as an example to go by. I am an untrained hack who spells poorly. If you read enough of my stuff, you will start to see stock characters and short cuts that would get any reputable writer kicked in the balls. For example, one of the best things I ever wrote was "Wally's Transgressions" which really happened and I still get requests to read this at the Tiki Bar. My favorite short story was "The Scrounger". I'm still finding my way as you can see.

Keep writin' 'em, I'll keep readin' 'em.


Beach Bum said...

Actually Randal, I drank all the beer last night and the bars don't open until noon.