Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wandering Aimlessly

Randal over to Lennui melodieux just posted a brief post about his recent bout of writer's block. Not being able to come up with anything "worthy" as he put it. But he would hang in there and not give up.

I think Randal jinxed me. As soon as I finished reading his post I had something pertinent to write in response. But by the time I settled in to punch it up, it was gone. See ya. Think of something else or hang up. Thanks Randal. You are such an inspiration. Yah Dude.

I know when I hit a wall with this writing thing, I will pull out some tricks and gimmicks to try and yank something of worth from inside the morass that is known as my mind. Put some music on. Down a shot or two of something tasty. Look at some pictures. Or if nothing else works, just start typing the first thing that comes to mind. When the itch to write strikes, I will do what it takes to make it happen. Good, Bad, or indifferent.

So tonight with my lack of burning issues to rant on, no advice worth sharing, and without a topic burning a hole in my mind, I pull out each trick hoping one will spark it up and set what is just below the surface free. Music went on first. Helpful, but only leaves me with a notion of hope anything will gel. Okay, some carefully distilled brown liquid in a three ounce glass - served room temp and sipped slowly. May not help, but it's the effort that counts. Right? The oddest things can come to mind as the whiskey warms it's way down to my stomach.

As the years passed and I noticed my time on the planet had stretched past the half century mark, I took a moment, or more I had a moment when the overall impact of making it past Fifty really sank in. Like I said, it was but a moment. It passed quickly. But I still think of that moment from time to time. I will often expand it to consider the idea of what my life has meant so far. But then as is my tendency, I am soon flitting onto something else that just caught my eye. And another potentially profound and deep moment is lost. Oh Well. That pretty well sums up my Life anyway. A bunch of moments. Some I paid attention to. Some I did not. And more often than not, even when I thought I was paying attention, as it turned out, I was not.


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BBC said...

I'll never run out of thoughts and words to write about, I've written things I've never gotten around to posting.

But I am getting quite bored with all this bullshit being as it's not getting us anywhere and I'm spending more time each day doing more useful things than being on the internuts.

I can think about that sexy ass while doing other things. :-)

Randal Graves said...

If I had the ability to jinx people, I'd surely not waste it on us, but on the puppetmasters.

There are always those tried-n-trues, music, spirits, perhaps a book. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. If it's the latter, I always blame "they."

Demeur said...

Never fails just when you thought you'd nailed down that concept worthy of a Pulitzer it slips into the far recesses of the sub conscious. Is it age, mental deterioration or some other qwerk of life? Oh well I guess we'll just blame it on "them". It's always "their" fault anyway.