Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Bike Wheel

I am beginning to feel like a stranger here at the BoZone. Sad, but there it is. This is my first visit back since my last post. The bike shop and now included. home and garden improvement duties in those spare moments have consumed every waking hour and even most of my dream time also. Last night I dreamt of a wheel truing job lost on the Darkside. No matter which way I tweaked the wheel, the worse it got. Damn dream actually woke me up. At least I woke up chuckling.

I won't be chuckling later today at the shop. That damn dream wheel actually exists and is currently leaning up against my work bench at the shop. I have been walking around it since Sunday when I found it locked to my bike stand outside. Inside a message on the machine from some gnarly dude about making it right man and this time use that locktight penetrate we had talked about the last time it semi-tacoed. Right on Dude. I'll get right on it.

This particular wheel is one of those manifestations of technological wizardry that a certain wheel manufacturer insists will enhance the ride by creating bombproof wheels. To be fair to them, other wheels made by them in this manner have held up well. This specific wheel though is a different matter. It has been an issue since the day the gnarly dude got it in the mail after finding it on some Internet deal site. Paid way less than regular retail and has now gotten what he paid for.

This is at least the 3rd time I have had this wheel in my shop. I hate this wheel. It won't stay fixed. All the negative wheel karma the wheel manufacturer had built up was stored in the wheel and is now my problem. I can straighten it. I can get the spoke tension just right. I can send it out there for future punishment in as good a shape as possible. Yet in a few weeks, it is toast again.

Not sure why I am whining. This wheel is the perfect returning customer. Every time it shows up, I make money. But I would like it to stay fixed longer between visits. This time I will do the loctite routine. Hate to do it though. Somewhere though are threads not meshing cleanly with other threads and the good tension in the spokes is being ridden out of it prematurely. Loctiting the spokes makes future truing a tougher job. And it almost seems like cheating in a bizarre sort of way. Like a cop out on my part. A failure to deliver services promised. The customer wants it. The customer is always right. The customer gets what they want.

The damn wheel has emasculated me. ------- I just love it when my train of thought goes from one end of a spectrum and ends up with the emasculated idea. Seems we guys allow the strangest things challenge our manhood. This makes me chuckle.

The bike wheel image by Dylan Miner I found on this site,JUSTSEEDS. They call themselves a "visual resistance artists' cooperative". Interesting stuff.

I'll Be Around...................

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El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Hang in, Crum. Your loyal fans will await you, even if you're a little busier these days.

Kulkuri said...

I have never been able to true a bike wheel. First it goes from side to side and if I then get it straight, it is egg-shaped. I can fix everything else on a bike, but the wheels always defeat me.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I checked and am pleased to confirm that you are right, this is the first post you have made since the one before (the last one).----your not losing your mind.

BBC said...

Loctite is good, don't knock it, if it wasn't needed it wouldn't have been invented. If you have to work on it again after that just heat the parts some.

If you don't want to use it just use a dab of shoe goo, it's much cheaper and gives you more working time.

Demeur said...

You're a better man than I. I don't have that much patients. You saw the bike had an old Schwin coaster. Never had to do anything to it except clean it and oil the chain.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Gary: I checked and am pleased to confirm that you are right, this is the first post you have made since the one before (the last one).


Randal Graves said...

Bomb proof wheels? What about radiation proof?