Friday, February 06, 2009

Bagging Some Political Logic

I was looking for inspiration. Failing to dig up anything from the dustbin inside, I began to wander the Internet. Looked at funny humorous pages. Looked at images. Stopped in to some blogs I had never read before. But nothing I read, saw, or heard struck the right chord today.

Sigh. When all else fails, there is always politics or religion. Both have the instant ability to lift me from the stagnant sea of apathy. With sagging shoulders I began to look for the sure thing that would get the juices flowing. I set sail for shores on the political side of my mind. As always I found the same old pots simmering on the beach waiting for me to stir them once again. I walked around these pots. For I was on a new political quest. A safari to capture that most elusive beast. If not capture then maybe bring home some evidence of it's existence.

I am talking about Political Logic. Not one side's logic against the other side's logic, but finding Logic that might justify or be a springboard for the logic either uses to push their agendas.

It would seem that both sides use "The Good of the Country" as a basic building block for their mutually exclusive logistical choices. Both indicate a strong desire to "serve and protect" the notions and ideals we have been taught to idolize since birth. Okay fine. Laudable and certainly noble intentions from both the Right and the Left.

Try as I might. Part the jungles vines for days looking and this is the only Logic I could find that made any sense. That both of them seemed to want to serve our mutual needs. Our unified outlooks. To further the well being of all of us. The problem it would appear is that they will only serve our mutual well being if it falls within the narrow parameters and definition they have set up for us. To serve the intentions of our originating documents is not enough. We must follow blindly their logistical highway. If we don't we are somehow not truly American. Or we are not truly compassionate and concerned for the rights of all.

With both sides contending they know the best way to national nirvana, I find it suspicious that they bicker so much with each other over issues that really only matter to those already converted and not the rest of us. They both seem to have painted themselves into some kind of idealistic corner and are unwilling to do anything about it. So they waste time throwing illogical shots at each other instead of trying to work on the things they both agree on.

No better example exists than this recent stimulus plan. The bones of contention between them amount to squat in the overall package, yet they bicker like bad children. And I am supposed to consider these boneheads of either side somehow reasonable and dedicated to furthering our position as a nation?

I visited Rush Limbaugh's site today. I visited the Democratic Underground today. Both are arguably representative of we'll say the more extreme sides of the Right and the Left. Rush is all about pillorying Obama. The Democratic underground seem intent on whining about Judd Greg. Neither of them even attempt to focus on the "good of the country". They are only interested in attacking the other side.

There are issues that affect all of us that need no Left or Right slant to understand. High unemployment, Health Care, Defense, Environment, and Bank Foreclosures to just name a few from the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of serious problems facing us that need unified action not squabbles over ideology. The sooner these boneheads get it, the sooner all of us will be better off.

Each side has had it's successes that were based in ideological premise. But when a crisis looms that has the potential for mutual harm, it seems to me that dropping some of the partisan rhetoric and looking for mutual points of agreement instead would be a logical choice. But then I guess I have to assume there is any logic to be found inside The Beltway.

It is not enough now to pass off this partisan bickering as, "Well it's just politics you know." The time for cooperative action has never been more needed than now. We are facing our worst national crisis in years. A crisis that has the potential to really knock the piss out of us and leave us an "also ran" front runner in the history of front runners. How we proceed over the next 5 to 10 years will more than likely determine our role for the following 50 years anyway. And to just consider this stupid partisan crap as politics as usual is only setting us on the wrong course. Or should I say it is only keeping us on the same course. I don't know about you, but I haven't been thrilled about the trip we have been on for years.

And so my foray into the dark jungle ends. It would appear that the beast that is Political Logic does not exist. It is but a fig newton in our minds. A fictional character who exists only in the minds of those who read the same bed time story night after night. Back to stirring those pots on the beach I guess.
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BBC said...

I was looking for inspiration. Failing to dig up anything from the dustbin inside,

Really? Because I've written posts that I have never gotten around to posting. I'm pretty sure I could do a post a day for the rest of this year without typing another word.

My current posts are even written in advance, my next post was written two days ago. I could do up to ten posts a day, but don't see the point in that.

Political logic, ha ha ha. You crack me up.

BBC said...

I've got it !!!

There were two Paul Bunyan's. Paul east and Paul west.

Twins born to a whore in a logging town and separated at birth, sold off to the highest bidders.

Ha ha ha....

Trukindog said...

Yep, "like bad children" each wanting control of the toy box, fighting over the toys and not caring if they break them, each just wants to win they're petty little fight and blame the other for breaking the toys.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Randal Graves said...

Hey man, I thought Judd Gregg was a crap choice and I don't want the country to blow up. Most days, anyway.

The goopers as currently constituted are psychopaths. If Obama thinks he can serve them a bowl of reasoning with bipartisan sprinkles and have them not vomit it onto his suit, well, good luck.

Demeur said...

Political Logic? Isn't that like Military Intellegence?