Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tainted Logic - A Week Lost

My wife got it also. She was positive it was because one of her clients is a doctors office. But then I pointed out that we both had just been tossed into and mixed up with 125 other people in close quarters at Brian and Esther's nuptials last weekend. And that if she, my wife, wanted to to get into a who's bug was worse, well, seems miserable is being enjoyed by both of us in equal amounts. And BTW, misery does not love company.

My post about being locked up was some kind of prophetic or something. Or maybe a be careful what you wish for scenario. It's been six days and I still feel that shooting me might just be a kindness.

I did try to post something this past week. Never made it past a couple of sentences and then the swooshy ears and the five pound sledge inside my head would kick back into gear and finding the remote became impossible, never mind taking a thought from the beginning through to some sort of logical ending.

When I get sick, I tend to fixate. Being determined to not focus on the election, naturally I picked something close by just so I wouldn't wander too far off my manic reservation. All week I have been chewing on this damn Bail Out and Health care. All week I never got past:

Why the Hell should we be expected to bail out the financial boneheads? The government and the people are strapped for cash as it is. Our homes are worth less than our new cars. Any stocks we own are worth less than our used cars. The government is what Trillions in debt as it is. And we are getting tapped into for more. Then I hear the big three auto giants are gonna need some more jingle and they are lining up for more money to keep them afloat after already getting a bail out loan not too long ago. Yet Exxon/Mobil just posted their best quarter ever to the tune of 14 plus billion dollars. And I am sure all the other oil companies have had similar good times. Seems to me if they want to keep selling us oil to pump through our cars, they might just want to ensure there are more cars to pump oil through. Maybe Ford, Chrysler and GM ought to knock on Exxon's door for a loan. Maybe the Big Business that is doing okay ought to step up and carry some of the load for their loser Big Business buds. I know it makes no sense, but hey, when you are sick odd logic seems to make sense.

Then I thought what if (remember I am sick) all of us just dropped our health insurance at the same time. Then hit up hospitals and clinics for free medical coverage provided for all the folks who don't have insurance. Overwhelm the system. Be a pretty damn good and immediate point. They could bill us, but we could just look to Uncle Sam to print some more money and bail us out. All the leaders, Credit card companies, and loan sharks expect us to be responsible, to carry our weight and theirs also. But if they expect to be saved when they are irresponsible, why should we not be treated the same way. We should be rewarded for being deadbeats also. And while they are bailing me out, please add a couple of hundred grand to my bank account so I can give myself a deadbeat bonus at the end of the year. That would be a nice touch.

A fellow I know who has no insurance gets all his health care for free. Sure he has to jump through some hoops, but they don't seem to be worse than the convoluted ones my insurance has built into my health care. He has the advantage of not having to dish out $12,000/year and I bet his sleep apnia test was covered in full instead of promising to pay for all of it, but then reneging because of fine print buried deep in in the 300 pages of rules and regulations. Wouldn't it be a kick in the butt to watch the Health care Industry in this country have a fit if everyone coming in to see the doc said, "I can't pay". What would they do?

I am still here and will be back with hopefully more coherent words in the near future. And instead of deleting one more badly composed post, I am posting this one because well, it's time has come. Just some of the below delirium level trains of thought I had as I fell in and out of sleep between hacking my lungs up and using Kleenex by the box.

I must be getting better. This almost makes sense. Or I do have one foot in the grave and this is just the run up before the main feature with the tunnel, bright light, and hovering over the operating table looking down at myself.


Dawn on MDI said...

glad to see you're (nearly) back among us. I was beginning to get worried. Flu-bug's going around. I've been down for a week, too, but with fatigue, muscle aches and headache. Either version is no fun. Like the elections, it will pass, they tell me. Hang in there.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Really bummed out to hear you have been suffering with the flu, and sure hope your feeling better today and on the mend. The election is of course this tuesday and the country and hopefully calm down and stop throwing rocks at each other, blow away all the smoke and mirrors and get down to business of getting this country moving again-----yeahhh, like that will happen!! (sigh), hey get well, out here in the bloggosphere we need your wit and sarcasm.

BBC said...

And BTW, misery does not love company.

When I'm sick I pretty much don't want anyone nursing me. But I seldom get sick, I'm too damn cranky I guess. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

I don't have much insurance, just medicade, and will have a hard time finding a doctor to fix my hernia.

But I know plenty of people on welfare that get good treatment, it's bullshit.

I'm willing to pay some cash also but I'm not going to bring it up unless a doctor suggests it.

50 degrees and raining lightly here, not a bad day weather wise.

Demeur said...

You're a man after my own heart Crum. The post made perfect sense. Hope you'll get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids and take your aspirin. Just don't read my latest post until you're fully recovered. We must be on the same wavelength.

Then there are those of us who are really screwed. No healthcare plan and don't qualify for either medicare or medicade. It's the republican way "your on your own screw you drop dead".

Anonymous said...

Crummy, wicked good post. Wish you well for sure. But you do seem to write ya best when sick. Prospect of one's tunnel bright light rebirth does indeed concentrate the mind. With another slap on the ass to howl.