Sunday, April 20, 2008

Manly Bloggers

I have been blogging for awhile now. Why and how I came to this wacky venue is another story for another time for dis-interested folks to ignore as usual. Anyway, the one thing I have noticed is that women seem to rule here. Seems there are 10 times more women than men willing to bear their souls or comment publicly.

Where are all the macho guys with their chests puffed up as they flex those pecks when hanging out at the beach or cheer leading practice? I used to do that when I had pecks that did not need a bro bra. But I also used to write and read when no chicks were around to impress. So I was a natural for this venue once my impressing days were over.

I wonder if it is not the fact that in general, women make better writers. First off, they most likely paid attention in school and actually learned how to spell and form coherent sentences. Second, there is that feminine thing. Sensitivity to events and people that guys just do not have. If a guy shows any empathy for another guy, he must be gay. The macho code of ethics and rules are very clear on this. No crying. Suck it up and be a man. No quarter, always go for the kill. And never, never sympathize with another guy over anything other than when they are having women trouble.

This rigid by law of the Macho code book leaves little room for a guy to grow beyond the Neanderthals we are raised to be. I am not excusing us, just trying to explain why I think we do not bear our souls in public. Lord knows, I gave up looking for excuses for my behaviour long ago. I do what I do and well, that's who I am.

Of course there are niche category blogs that seem be male domains. Sports blogs, Car blogs, Tech blogs - any blog that revolves around machines or sweaty stinky guys beating each other to a pulp seem to be mostly run by males. But they are the one trick pony blogs. Blogs, whose focus is so narrow, they only appeal to other guys who lust after the latest gizmo they can put into their car to make it perform better.

And that's my problem I guess. I like blogs that spread their views around a little. Blogs willing to comment on almost anything. Posts that leave me knowing I just got a little closer to this person once I finished their post. In this, women have us beat soundly dudes. More of them are willing to step up and be men than we are.

So this is my salute to all you ladies out there. You rule, we guys drool.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...don't know what to tell you, but you may be right. I get very few comments from men. That may be because I'm viewed as a "mommy blog," but who knows.

Anonymous said...

Oh spare me, please. They write about scapbooking .... now what the hell is that all about. Sounds like something Two Fingers use to do in back of the old barbershop. Spare me.

Then they write about the kids. Gawd, please shoot me. Gals, nobody and I mean nobody cares about your oh so very cute kids. Nobody. That's why you're the parent and not us.

Or about their boyfriend/husband or exhusband/exboyfriend .... or no husband or boyfriend. Gals, here's a bit of free advice .... go out and get drunk and find someone. Just like the rest of us had to do.

Then they go for the mind kill and write about their cats 'n dogs. Oh sweet jeezus just take me, please. Gals, we even care less about your flea bitten pets than we do about your adorable little ones.

But all in all, give ya kids a hug .... kiss the husband .... and pet ya pussies 'n poochies. Everyday. You'll never regret it. Never.


MRMacrum said...

Laughing and PJ - Once I had posted this, I began to question it as I moved about my day.

PJ, you are right to a degree, the ladies often have a theme or an interest like scrapbooking, family, just like the dudes do. But they seem more willing to wander off the reservation and write about something not related to their blog's intent.

It was presumptuous of me to make such a broad statement. While I have done my fair share of cruising new blogs, I know that of what is out there, I have seen less than 1% of 1%. I would delete the post, but I don't often do that ( done it once). I wrote it and now consider it wrong on many points.

I stand by my statement though that more women blog than men and generally they write cleaner.