Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Pleasure of Writing

Sitting somewhat numbed and toasted from a frenzied episode typing my most recent post, I scrolled through some previous efforts and read pieces and parts from them. Stopping a moment to re-evaluate a picture or how I put an idea into words. Not staying long enough to criticize, I just re-read some thoughts I once had.

And then I began to write after aimlessly wondering through my blog. Music rips,tears and soothes the inside of my mind. Turned up past what most docs would consider sane, I let the music drive out all but the tune and whatever thoughts I manage to work in between the notes. My fingers dance over these keys in time with the music in a white boy sort of way. Hitting the important beats but stumbling enough to turn it into awkward exercise. Especially when I am attempting to type without mistake.

Letting all my worries and concerns drain away for a moment, I lose myself in the music. Thoughts flow freely without concerns for making sense, having a point, or addressing the important. Stream of conciousness on Full Tilt Boogie. Whatever I like, for instance, just like this.

Most times it sucks. Most times I delete the mess. Most times it is nothing even my ego wants to see again. But in those rare moments, those nights when stars cross each other just right, I will write something fun, something I want to share. And as a bonus, it all might just end up making sense.

This post pounded in and inserted hard to the time and rhyme of some Dave Mathews, David Bowie, and special thanks to Fun Lovin Criminals for "Scooby Snacks".


Noah said...

You and I are two peas in a pod on many different levels. Except for Scooby Snacks and certain political issues. And probably lots of other stuff.

MRMacrum said...

Noah - I have to say there is in you much that reminds me of me when "twenty something" and damn sure I knew what was happening.

In the long run we are all "peas in a pod". It is usually stupid shit that seperates us.