Monday, March 10, 2008

I Was Never Lost, Just Misplaced

Carlita has tagged me with another one of those bothersome blog chores bloggers love to challenge each other with. When I first heard of this tagging thing, I thought, "How Lame". That was then, this is now. While many are indeed lame, many more become very interesting once I get my head around the challenge and approach them with a serious focus. I actually have fun doing it.

This one is "My six word memoir". And this time there was no real explanation of how it worked as I am guessing the title fills in all the blanks.

Six words that sum up to the best of my ability the trip I have traveled these last 56 years. Carlita offered up a link to a book of six word memoirs by people famous and not so famous. But I figured that researching what others had done would be kinda cheating. Or at the least dilute the originality of what I might come up with. So I did not look into what others have written with the exception of Carlita's own effort.

So I officially took the challenge. Sure that I would eventually come up with something succinct enough to meet the length standard and witty enough to inspire awe in all who read it because of my masterly use of the English language.........Right.

It's been several hours and several chores later now and I still cannot come up with something that satisfies. And I can't blow it off either. It's eating at me. It's tougher than I thought to boil my life down to six words. What follows are some of my choices.

Boy becomes Man the Hard Way

Using a Compass Did Not Work

Taking Up Space in the Void

Learning to live in the Pack

Seeking Sane Answers to Insane Questions

Dazed and Confused Sums It Up

All the Roads lead to Here

It's the Trip Not the Destination

I Was Never Lost, Just Misplaced

I settled on the last one. Not sure why. Most of my choices seemed to revolve around travel or finding something. Answers, peace, whatever. Life has been a search. The last one I think is probably the closest to how I feel. I was and still am prone to taking detours. But somehow, so far at least, I find my way back to the road I need to be on.

I will now tag Prester John, Laughingatchaos, KayinMaine, and Noah. We'll see if they want to play too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm Back! check out the new blog.


Anonymous said...

Like, Crummy .... I'm barely out of puberty, and you want me to do what?

Ok, how about .... "I Never On The First Date "

MRMacrum said...

No, no, no John, you have to do a post about it. There are rules here. Some blogging proctor will haunt you where you live. Some internet ghost will put bugs in all your porn links. It's not good Kharma to mess with the internet wizards. They know where you live.

Anonymous said...

sorry, Crum, my old blog was beagles bikes and beethoven. it's Rando from Bike forums!

Carlita said...

Very nice. I like the last one best as well, but they are all evocative.

It was harder than it first appeared. I kept trying to come up with something more clever and obvious than what I did, but to no avail.

So you were on the right track with the songs. For the second one, I think you were thinking of the Tom Petty song, "American Girl," which is actually one of my favorite songs, but not the source of that particular quotation.