Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sun's Out - Guns Out

With guns out, Dave the Punk rips up the singletrack at Great Glen a few weeks ago. Yes ladies, those are his real arms. Man arms, streaming sweat as he pumps more testosterone than a man his age should be pumping. I hear when he shows up to the local DQ sportin his latest tye died sleeveless T, the young girls take notice and ole ladies swoon.

Dave is a recent friend. By recent, I guess that means within the last 10 years or so. The older I get, the period that encompasses "recent" expands. Anyway, Dave came in my shop 8 years ago to check out my store. He had been a customer of my previous shop, but frankly we never connected there.

Dave had bought a Rocky Mountain "Instinct" from the local dealer who had the line before I did. He was looking for support for the bike. Cool. I would gladly provide him with said service. So it started. This friendship that would grow from a commercial relationship.

We caught a few rides together. The first one, I was so cocky and full of myself, I counted on having to hold this flounder's hand as I punished him on some of our local trails. Right. While he did not spank me badly that ride, he still spanked me. It was the first of many spankings I would endure the following 8 years.

I never minded having my ass handed to me by Dave. He always rode the ride, not the other riders on the ride. He went with the flow, no matter who showed up.

As our freindship developed, I learned in dribs and drabs, the history of Dave the Punk.

Grew up in north Jersey, dropped out, joined a commune in Massachusetts that would later become the largest one in the country. Then at some point he dropped back into the real world again ending up in Maine with other commune escapees who created Renaisance Greeting Cards in Sanford. He built their display cases. He then split off and founded his own display fabrication operation, Millrock. After some years, that was sold and Dave is now working for the new owners as chief designer and main man to get anything done.

And all this time Dave was a busy man on the domestic front. He married 3 times. Had some kids. Shared some kids. And after it was all said and done, he gets along well with all of them. Juggling all those potential family fire pits is a testimony to Dave's mellow and centered outlook on Life.

Now single again, Dave is looking for that next big adventure. Like windsurfing, snowboarding, and cycling are not enough to fill the void. Damn fitness freaks.

Without getting all mushy, teary eyed, or gushy and stuff, I would just like to impart my strong feeling of attachment to this guy who kicks my butt. Somehow we connected and I feel comfortable knowing I have a friend here I can count on.

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Anonymous said...

I'm flattered and honored to be your friend. Now if I can just get you to quit smoking...

Oh, and the ladies can find me on the local shop ride. I don't do DQ (prefer Shaw's ice cream) and so far no tie die.
Dave the Punk