Saturday, September 22, 2007

The New Drive In on Sam Page Road

It's about time for chrisakes. Threats to build that new Drive In Moving Picture Park and Extravaganza with the panaromic vista-gigantic screen had been thrown around for the better part of a year now. Finally, the wide screen and seriously decent stereophonic sound has found it's way to Acton, Maine.

I sit here in front of my new computer and monitor and feel as if I had just put the ole GMC in Park on the front row nestled right up against a speaker stack 10 feet high outside the driver side window. I want to tip my head back in order to take the whole screen in. Turn the volume up to wow, sit back and let the images on that big balls 19" monster flat screen perform their magic.

I know, I know. Down in the big city where folks are squeezed together like orange concentrate and what is hip is never the same 24 hours later, the addition of such an upgrade would be a ho-hummer. You all just nod and say, "That's nice Mike, good for you." Yawn and move along your way. But here in Boonieville just a few years into 2 decades ago, we simple country folk who still wear homespun cloth on our backs gaze with mouths wide open and eyes fixed on the wonders that electricity has brought us here in the sticks.

My old Windows 98 PC sits pitiful and inadequate next to this new behemoth. It's nancy 13" screen, a poor imitation of what it pretends to be. Whose is bigger blatantly obvious, this pissin contest is no contest. I have both machines plugged in and on overdrive. Transferring data, files, links, and assorted eccentricities I felt important enough to save 8 years ago, so they must still be important. With my other hand I am editing through Incubus and Everything CDs I ripped to come up with my very first playlist. It's gonna rock. And finally with the volume past sane, I am also attempting a multi-task hat trick and post to my blog just to keep things interesting and me on my toes.

I guess you could say I am having fun. Enjoying myself immensely. Self-satisfied and grinnin ear to ear. New toys will do that.

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